What Do I Do: WordPress or HTML?

Two Paths

There are essentially popular strategies to take whilst you decide to construct a website. You can go with a static HTML internet site or a Content Management System (CMS) consisting of WordPress or Joomla. If you’re new to constructing and coping with websites, you then may marvel at what the big difference is between these techniques. They each make websites. However, there may be a global distinction on how you get to the stop result. Read directly to discover the difference between them and which one is actually pleasant for your basic html codes.

HTML – CSS – JavaScript

A static HTML website is one that you build with HTML and CSS basic html codes. It is known as a static internet site because nothing can trade approximately the internet site or, as a minimum, no longer until you move returned and trade the code. Up until current years, this becomes clear the only way to make an internet site. There isn’t any dynamic content, neither is there any real user interplay. The only factor you get is what you enter into the HTML. What does that imply? Once you are carried out with the design and install the website, it will most effectively do what you requested it to. You can make lovely websites that allow the customers to study content, purchase merchandise, get admission to loose gives, sign up for newsletters and build your listing. Just approximately something you prefer you could do with a static HTML internet site basic html codes.


Though it is referred to as an HTML website, several distinctive coding languages are usually used to build an HTML internet site. HTML provides the shape or the center. However, CSS is used to set the look and experience for the visuals and make it look pretty. You can set the scale, colors, fonts, backgrounds… Etc. JavaScript may feature special effects on the website or even a little dynamic interaction with the person. As you may imagine, even though if you select to head this course to create your website, you will want to recognize as a minimum the fundamentals of each of the languages used.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a good deal greater person-friendly because you no longer want to understand any code to use it. CMS is greater than a “drag and drop” or “factor and click” type system. You log in to the “admin” part of the website and make the changes you desire and replace. The modifications you’re making to your website’s appearance or capability take effect without delay after you store and replace it. One of the opposite satisfactory things approximately CMS is the type of subject matters available, but we’ll communicate about that later.

Most CMS websites are known as Blog websites, on the whole, because of the fact they were first used for blogging and no longer lots else. In recent years, CMS has come to be so much more and is actually one of the most broadly used programs for constructing a website. Built using PHP, CMS sites have a database connected to shop all the core and dynamic content. So once again, the largest differences between CMS and static HTML are dynamic content (alternate it at the fly) and no coding required.

WordPress or Joomla?

This is definitely a count of choice. Both are superb structures, and for the maximum component, one is as clean to apply as the other. The biggest difference between them is this: WordPress has been around because, in 2003, it could be very famous. As a result, they get a large quantity of support from different programmers when it comes to Plugins (we’re going to talk approximately this in a minute) and search engine optimization. There are a kazillion subject matters available for WordPress, making it a prevalent choice for each newcomer and professionals alike. Joomla has now not been around as long (2005) but has grown to be very famous in its own proper over the years. It is 2d best to WordPress, and with over 30 million downloads, and now with WordPress integration, it is no slouch. Both allow users to leave remarks to posts and or pages, flow new content from sources like social media or news websites, and you can also speedy upload new posts in your weblog without having to worry about editing your navigation bar (its automatic) or structuring your pages, thanks to integrated templates.

Pros and Cons

Static HTML: Pros – A static HTML website is straightforward to set up (specifically if you understand code). You have entire control of the format, look and feel. HTML websites additionally tend to load faster because they normally have fewer documents and statistics to download. As stated in advance, HTML is a big benefit because you have the general manager over the internet site’s look. You can change the visuals of a WordPress or Joomla web page too. However, you are restricted via the number of alternatives or flexibility to be had with the topic or template you use. If you recognize CSS, which is a fairly easy language, then you could easily trade the way your HTML website looks.

Static HTML: Cons – The cons of static HTML deal with its lack of interactivity and its complex shape with large websites. An HTML page has surely no interactivity, and its best consists of what you code. For example, if you code a Web web page with an editorial, then it is all you may get. There may be nothing else on the web page besides that article. There might be no personal content material, no dynamic content that generates while you’re away, and the internet site will stay static. On the opposite hand, if you apply it to encompass a database in the order that users can access information, I guess in a feeling you may call that a restricted shape of interactivity. The same holds real with a buying cart. A person who comes on your website purchases services or products you provide; so in the same sense, they can have interaction together with your website in a constrained form.

If you want to make modifications to your website online, like including a brand new submit (write a brand new article) or web page, you may want to create it first and then upload the HTML file to your server, after which change the navigation bar (menu) earlier than it’s far visible to the user. This takes up a variety of time, mainly if you upload one or extra pages a day. Another consideration is: in case you do not have a good CSS shape in location, then converting parts of your website may be very bulky. For instance, you want to exchange the heritage color for all your pages on your website. If you’ve got the historical past color programmed with CSS and have it known as out within the HTML for all of the pages, then changing the color in the CSS will exchange the shade on all of the pages to your internet site. This is massive for the website that would have a hundred pages or more; in any other case, you may want to alternate all one hundred pages, in my opinion. As you can see, static HTML websites are smooth for the guy who is aware of the code requirements; however, no longer so for that individual with little to no coding know-how. Finally, search engine marketing! You will need to code all the search engine marketing into your static website yourself. Considering search engine optimization is a quite dynamic method, you’ll discover your self usually having to go lower back and tweak or trade your website to maintain it modern.

WordPress Pros – As stated in advance – you can use WordPress or Joomla; however, we’re going to simplest discuss with WordPress hereafter for assessment sake. WordPress is frequently considered the best way to set up a website because it’s miles straightforward to do and easy for inexperienced persons to parent out. A WordPress blog does make an effort to set up but not when you recall how long it took a person to write all the code required for an HTML site. Besides, we actually speak me hours, no longer days or weeks, but it would now not be out of every day for a web developer to spend days designing a new internet site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Installing a WordPress blog handiest takes a few minutes with most hosts, and including a new theme takes even much less time, and subject matters are what WordPress is all about.

Let’s take a minute to speak about topics. Themes or templates permit you to exchange the appearance or feel of your internet site actually in mins. If you want a particular niche website online, for example, a medical-looking experience or a golfing subject matter, there are lots to select from. Some are free, and others you’ll want to purchase, normally known as Premium issues. If you need a weblog and a place for human beings to leave remarks, then a loose topic will possibly do the trick. However, if you need a greater expert or storefront look with perhaps a purchasing cart or an information feed for an Amazon associate, then a top rate topic is the way to go. I prefer premium issues due to the fact they generally allow for extra flexibility and customization.

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