How to Create Your Own Website in Eight Easy Steps

When I first determined to discover ways to create my own internet site, I had no clue how to go about it. After floundering around for many years, I sooner or later came up with those 8 steps that I use each time I layout an internet site, whether or not for myself or a customer.

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1. Brainstorm Ideas

I found that only a plain piece of paper, a pen (or pencil if you pick), and searching the Internet thru locations including Google Hot Trends, Digg, or StumbleUpon is the first-rate manner to accumulate thoughts. When I first tried this technique, I became pretty amazed at simply the number of ideas I came up with after a half-hour of browsing.

2. Which Pages?

Once you already know your internet site’s cause, the subsequent step is to decide if its reason warrants pages or no longer. If your internet site is to your enterprise, you may sincerely need a certain quantity of pages to start with. If your website is a private one, you would possibly want to recollect setting up a weblog rather than an internet site. Weblogs are unique as they are greater of a timeline into your lifestyles and/or your thoughts. If you cross the direction of a weblog, you might most effective want to include an about web page to tell human beings extra approximately you.

3. Brainstorm & Create Layout

A layout constitutes how your internet site’s content material is going to be supplied to your site visitors. An exquisite area to get thoughts for arrangements (also referred to as templates) is Open Source Design, or do a search for your favorite Internet seek engine for free templates or open-source templates. There are literally hundreds of super websites that offer layouts that will use. Just be sure to study the first-rate print before you use any template, as some template creators will help you use their template in case you maintain their copyright information intact.

4. Write Content for Pages

Once you understand which pages your website will consist of, the subsequent step is to write the content for the one’s pages. I find that doing one in every matter works exceptionally for me; writing an outline after writing the content material or simply writing the content material as it flows through me. Choose what works first-class for you.

Always recall proofreading your content; awful grammar and/or spelling can flip a few visitors into “in no way to return traffic.” This isn’t always so vital if it’s a personal website, even though it is essential if it is an enterprise internet site. I might crossways as to say it’s mandatory to proofread your enterprise internet site content.

5. Add Content to Website

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Now that your website content is written, it is time to feature it in your template. If you have in no way created a website or edited source code earlier than, your great guess would be to open the template you selected in Step three within a WYSIWYG (what you notice is what you get) editor. This will help you see where all your page factors (menu, images, etc.) are positioned and where you need to vicinity your content. When I first began out, I determined the excellent WYSIWYG editor for getting to know Microsoft FrontPage as it got here established on my pc already. You may want to check your Programs folder/listing to peer if you have this additionally.

6. Find Platform to Use

Now that you’ve got your personal internet site created, you want a place to host it so all the international can go to. If you’re using a blog on your non-public internet site, I will propose you check into WordPress.Com to host it. WordPress.Com makes it verily easy to step up and preserve a weblog, and you could literally have your blog up and running inside five mins with their service.

An enterprise internet site will need more significant than just a weblog platform host; you may need to discover a hosting provider that meets your desires. I fantastically endorse looking into LotsMoreHosting.Com. When you consider that 2003 and feature always discovered their fees to be very reasonable, I have used their services and their assist incredible.

7. Getting Those Pages on Your Hosting Account

Moving your website files/pages in your hosting account for your site visitors to view your website is not a big chore as a few humans make it out to be. You have two options to upload (transferring) your files, either through the cPanel of your website hosting account or through an FTP (report switch protocol) program. Both of which give tutorials that will help you use them, and most FTP applications in recent times have wizards built in to walk you through the steps. I propose the use of FileZilla. Not only will now not no longer cost to apply it, but it’s also far pretty honest to apply and does offer a wizard and incredible tutorials that will help you through information on how to use the program.

8. Validate Your Website!

This is one step that maximum non-expert website creators do not do, even though it’s a far vitally vital step. Validating your internet site will suggest that your website will be capable of being viewable using anybody the use of any web browser. Not all browsers are created identical, and till such time that the browser creators decide to join forces to come up with requirements that all browsers will agree to, we’re stuck with having to ensure that our websites comply with their own browser standards.

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The only place I exceedingly endorse to validate your website is with the W3C Markup Validation Service. W3C is a non-income agency this is assisting in setting standards for the sector-wide web. If the validation procedure comes up with mistakes, you’ll want to move back into your WYSIWYG editor to accurate those errors.

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