Blog Set Up Tips For the Network Marketer

We all realize that one of the most critical matters that we will do online as network marketers is to “Brand” ourselves. We need to distinguish ourselves from the competition and get our fellow community entrepreneurs to get to understand who we are and why they need to be a part of us. There are many approaches to do this (ask Mike Dillard!) but what I want to speak approximately nowadays is growing your Brand online with a weblog.

It is vital that all of us who takes their online network advertising and marketing critically have one. There are many themes to pick out from, some are unfastened and a few value money…A few appearances higher than others, however, the key is getting your blog seen by others. If you are the handiest one looking at your blog, then it’s doing you no accurate! You want your blog to generate site visitors, and in turn, assist to generate network advertising leads for your commercial enterprise.

I am now not a professional via any stretch, and I am not a search engine optimization grasp. My Hubspot Website Grade is 87, appropriate and enhancing however not a hundred…Yet! What I am is an inspired learner and I am a person who takes his business very seriously. I have discovered loads approximately putting in a blog properly inside the past 2 months and need to proportion what I realize. My enjoy is based totally on using WordPress, which I trust is the maximum popular running a blog platform. There is a great deal greater to recognize, and it’s an ever converting landscape, however, what I am going to proportion with you will help get you off to a terrific start.

1. Self-Host Your Blog. You want to get your own area, preferably together with your name in the identify since you are branding YOU, and host it your self. You do not want to apply the free WordPress net model or blogger. You need to have manage of your website online and your content material. You are limited with the loose websites of ways much “advertising” you could do and you may get shut down.

2. Choose Your Theme. There are a ton of Wordpress issues to pick out from, with many exclusives seems. You will want one this is customizable and relatively expert looking — I’d stay away from a Jonas Brothers subject matter (can you inform I even have a 12 12 months old daughter?). Also, and I’m absolutely no longer completely why or what to look for, however, some topics are read easier through the serps and rank higher. This one, as an example, grades on HubSpot approximately 30 points better than my previous subject, and I’ve simplest made minor modifications. I’ve only been the use of this topic for approximately 2 weeks.

3. Submit Your Site to Search Engines. You need the search engines like google and yahoo to recognize you exist so that you need to tell them. I simply manually publish my site through an unfastened website submission service. This submits my website to the predominant search engines like google and yahoo as well as a variety of smaller, unbiased search engines. You also can pay for this provider, however, I’m simply now not sure what the gain of doing that is.

4. Get Your Site Verified. You additionally want to get your website “proven” through each Google and Yahoo. This is unfastened to do and facilitates the serps to index your blog pages through crawling your website. Both Google and Yahoo give an explanation for how to do this. When you get to the point whilst you want to area the meta tag for your site’s homepage, this will be difficult to place it exactly wherein they need you to. If you have got problems verifying your web page because of this, download the Ask Apache Search Engine Verify plug-in. I did and it labored like an allure!

Now I want to talk approximately optimizing your blog for the search engines like google and yahoo through well putting in your permalinks in addition to a few crucial plug-ins and the way to set those up. I sincerely desire that this facilitates some of you accessible as I even have needed to examine this piecemeal at some point of the course of the beyond few months!

Many human beings will argue that you can’t get less expensive than “free”. When it involves having a “free” net presence in your business, but, there are many pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid, any such “unfastened” website hosting, or building your net presence on a site name which you do no longer very own. In this situation, “unfastened” ought to emerge as costly in the long run, particularly when you require proper and well-timed guide from your host, or if making a decision to make certain customizations or configuration adjustments for your site.

So, let’s forget about “unfastened” solutions and permit’s consciousness as a substitute for developing an “inexpensive yet professional” web presence. Regardless of what sort of net presence you, in the end, determine in your enterprise, plan to at least very own your very own area name and use an expert internet website hosting provider. You can discover less expensive resellers for both domains and net web hosting from distinct online locations for around $a hundred and fifty or much less.

Getting an internet site built by way of a web developer or net fashion designer, however, is a distinctive story. For positive, you may continually ask a person who knows HTML to construct you an internet site for subsequent to not anything, however, it’s going to likely additionally grow to be doing not anything in your enterprise, similar to most websites accessible.

A weblog is distinctive. With a WordPress weblog, for instance, you may download the full running model of the publishing software program without charge, host it in your server, and then pick a professional design from masses of to be had loose WordPress weblog templates to present your internet presence the appearance and feel of a site that may cost thousands of dollars to design.

A Web Presence That Is Easy To Manage

With a regular website, until you recognize a way to modify internet web page coding like HTML and add documents in your server, you will want to get a person like an internet developer, web designer or webmaster to help you manage your website. This not simplest makes handling your web presence extra complex, but it could also fee managing your net presence very easy. You sincerely write out your mind and click some buttons to instantly post your information online. There’s no messing around with HTML code, no uploading documents to servers and no fiddling approximately with technical stuff. Just write and click on to post. It can’t get any simpler than that!

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