Anatomy of a Professional Blog

Being a “Pro”

Most novice bloggers do not distinguish the variety between an expert blog and a novice weblog. Many buy a template without re-branding the appearance and feel to reflect its weblog or something like putting in the default subject and done. If you would like to take into account your self to be an expert blogger in preference to a “pretending pro” newbie, you then need to do not forget the maximum not unusual blog layout pointers which are entirely forgotten via beginners, however, would, in reality, enhance your blog and be a part of the ranks of professional bloggers.


Somehow, beginner bloggers tend to don’t have any issue with branding their very own blogs. In all likelihood, that is because they’re using the default “Text Title” logo for his or their blog. In case you need to make your blog-specific from others, then create a weblog logo; it’s easy. You won’t actually need incredibly like a photograph clothier to layout your emblem for you; alll you need is to search for an Icon that reflects on what is to your blog or what’s your weblog all approximately, then try and upload some Text Beside it or something like changing the icon’s shade and there you go! You’ve got your very own logo on your blog.

Blog Theme Color

When you design your weblog, determine on a subject color that your weblog will comply with; familiar with Facebook? (Of Course) even though Facebook isn’t always a weblog however you can get a concept out of it on how a theme coloration influences the general professionalism or look of the blog or website, keep in mind the usage of at least two color variations that reflects your blog, such as if your weblog is about nature, why now not have a subject matter shade of green and yellow inexperienced? It’s going to significantly affect the “look” and the “experience” of your blog.

Blog Favicon

Aside from having a custom Blog Logo and a weblog subject coloration, you ought to also do not forget to have a custom Favicon for your Blog; A Favicon is a small website or weblog icon that looks on a browser’s address bar and tab bar; it will truly add up on your blog’s professionalism.


Post Titles Arrangements

This is going for each in your weblog and submit titles. This is a not unusual mistake that maximum novice bloggers tend to make. Why? When consumers are looking for records, they look for specific keywords that you may have written in your blog and now not your weblog’s name. This will make a big difference in your weblog’s professionalism and seo.

Default Template Icons

When you try to install a packaged weblog template for your blog, whether it’s miles a blogger template or a WordPress topic, it generally has a few default icons in conjunction with it; possibilities are that the template you’re using was additionally utilized by a whole lot of different bloggers for their blogs mainly if it is a popular template and therefore making your blog not unusual to the reader’s eye if you want to brand your blog and make it professional then try and exchange those default Icons to other icons this is similar to it and has the identical size.

RSS Newsfeed Subscription

Always have an RSS Newsfeed subscription option or button in your weblog; it shall we your readers get linked and updated approximately your posts or articles. If you would like to have an RSS information feed on your weblog, you may use http://www.Feedburner.Com, which offers a loose RSS content material control.

Social Bookmarking Widgets

If you actually need your weblog to be more interactive, “communicate of the town,” and to be more professional, then you could keep in mind including Social Bookmarking Widgets, together with Facebook Like, Tweeter Retweet, or Google’s Buzz This on your blog posts. These widgets will make your blog have an area inside the raging opposition at the Blogosphere; there are quite a few free Social Bookmarking Services available, which include AddThis, ShareThis, and AddToAny.

Clean up Cluttered portions

Being comfortable and clean does make your blog extra professional, always try and arrange or ease up pieces, widgets, hyperlinks, and pix for your blog so one can now not appear cluttered and newbie; also, keep away from using or setting too many widgets in your blog, widgets use JavaScript from other sites, and while the server is down, it’s going to affect on your weblog’s loading time and sluggish it down.

Image Sizes

When you insert pictures for your blog, it is lots more excellent and more professional to have uniform photo sizes, consisting of, Main photos for posts are 350×350 pixels on dimension and classified ads photos on the sidebar might be 250×250 pixels, it’d make your blog look smooth and plenty more eye-popping than a weblog with scrambled photo sizes inserted on their weblog.


On end, if you need yourself to be considered as an expert blogger, you should first try and do not forget your own weblog’s professionalism; many claimed themselves to be a person who doesn’t even replicate who they certainly are. If you do the identical on simply telling something that doesn’t reflect yourself, you then cannot remember yourself as a “Professional Blogger.”


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