The Three Top Reasons to Choose WordPress for Blogging

This article will highlight some beneficial information for the ones considering starting a blog with WordPress.

The motives for doing so, and why such a lot of pick WordPress for their running a blog platform is this unfastened software is easy to use, offers an expansion of templates, and springs with a gargantuan of help.

Easy to use

WordPress is well-known for its “Five Minute Install.” Admittedly, when you have by no means, by no means mounted WordPress, it is able to take you a little longer. For maximum beginners, the stumbling block is putting in a database. It’s clean! Support through your hoster is typically available, and I had no hesitation the usage of Live Chat to stroll me through reputedly rough spots. The subsequent requirement for beginning a blog is a valid email deal with and a username. The blogger enters this statistics into the signup web page and gets a password nearly right away. The blogger virtually has to check their e mail, observe the activation hyperlink provided and use the password supplied and the system is whole. The blogger can begin running a blog from the Dashboard.

Once at the internal, you’ve got available the ability to categorize and tag posts without difficulty, edit alternatives together with spell test, previews and autosave, the potential to post text, and upload audio and video documents. All bloggers will, in addition, find out a ramification of privacy options and be able to tune statistical records related to the weblog.

Note that a number of the capabilities may be extra essential to you than others so determining whether or not or no longer WordPress is right for you might be a matter of personal choice. For instance, bloggers with very little programming enjoy may revel in the myriad of templates while others who’re involved approximately privateness problems may be extra interested in the privacy options.

A variety of templates – and without cost!

The variety of loose templates on line is without a doubt overwhelming. There are plenty of gifted net design humans all too willing to percentage their creativity. A blogger can begin with an easy subject matter, and with a little practice, be ready for a greater advanced theme. There is any quantity of combos of columns, constant and adjusted widths, shades, designs, and subject-types. Just Google ‘free WordPress subject matters’, and you will be busy for hours!

WordPress Support – Outstanding!

At some factor in each WordPress bloggers existence, guide turns into extremely essential. Once beyond establishing a simple blog, additional questions about advanced functions, customization, plugin use and plugin options, as an instance, is most probably to occur. At WordPress.Com, a blogger will find a wealth of assist, a discussion board to sign up for, templates available, advised analyzing, and a number of classes for the beginner to the advanced all who need to layout their web page, knowledge the template files, functions, capabilities, and web-development. One cool part of WordPress guide is the capability to contact guide group of workers as well as different contributors of the discussion board. Support personnel is typically very responsive, but preserve in mind, the discussion board is 24/7, you can revel in meeting other discussion board individuals, and as I even have found all too normally, that burning question about my subject matter has already been asked and replied.


There are millions of blogs around these days. More and extra human beings from around the world and from exceptional backgrounds are putting in and writing on blogs. However, most people of newcomers in running a blog are susceptible to do the equal common errors that would sooner or later drive readers far from their blogs in place of attracting them. Here we will take a closer examine the most important most common errors which bloggers make so we can help them keep away from those mistakes in the future.

First, before even starting a blog, you want studies about the weblog structures available and determine with the intention to suit you satisfactorily. Many “bloggers to be” are selecting the first easy and possibly unfastened blogging platform they encounter, rather than the proper blogging platform.

Another large mistake is selecting a template and layout that is hurting people’s senses, mainly the eyesight. Many bloggers are questioning that if their set-up has “screaming” shiny shades, flashing commercials, hanging banners, and so on, this may attract site visitors’ interest and could maintain them up to their blogs. This type of “casino”-like fashion will pull people off your weblog. There are masses of templates to be had in recent times on line, lots of them freed from charge, and anybody can pick out the maximum suitable in line with the blog’s genre and topics. The weblog’s appearance has to be something that invitations traffic and lead them to stay and read through, rather than putting them off.

Many bloggers are keen and keen to attract site visitors, that the approach they use has the other impact. These bloggers pass straight onto social networks and begin pounding humans with invitations and links to pressure them to go to. Moreover, this is proven an incorrect “method.” Again, in place of attracting human beings, you’re making traffic pull away. Therefore, the recommendation here is — do not force and pester your capability readers, due to the fact this can make people keep away from you and your blog.

Blog-Suck.png (735×1102)

Do now not steal. This is an incorrect thing to do anyway, as it’s miles in this situation as properly. So, do now not simply visit different bloggers’ blogs, replica the content material, and paste it into your weblog. There is an opportunity of averting criminal movement by means of doing this, but you would possibly get blacklisted everywhere. It could be k if you ask for permission to apply humans’ substances, and if granted, make certain to credit score the sources accordingly. Another important difficulty is your spelling and grammar. Although many bloggers do not have ideal grammar, you ought to as a blogger. When posting a weblog, which many readers will see, you ought to test your spelling and grammar. There are many gears to be had to do this robotically, so use them on every occasion earlier than you post.

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