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Tips to Select Ideal Sandwich Board Signs

Well designed and attractive Sandwich Boards (also known as Sidewalk Signs) hold the power of grabbing the attention of people passing by. Only experts know how to catch their eyes by creating attractive boards. Never commit a mistake of overlooking them as they can act as a game changer for your business.

Following tips by a pro that can help in selecting impactful sidewalk signs:

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1. Take Climate into Consideration –

Climate is the major factor that can help in deciding which material will work best for the sandwich board. For instance, if you place a light weighted board outside your office during a windy day, then it will be of no use. Furthermore, chalk will not work on rainy days. Thus, it becomes crucial to consider climate while making the selection of an ideal sidewalk sign.

2. Check Zoning Laws –

Don’t forget to study zoning laws before picking a sandwich board. Every zone has its laws that define what is acceptable by the public and what is not. The size, location, and limitation of the message specified in the laws should be strictly followed if you want to face any trouble in the future. It is better to play safe. Otherwise, you may also have to face hefty fines.

3. Check the Options and Variety Available –

Don’t make hurry in selecting the board. Look for the options available in the market. Having two to three sandwich boards of different materials can be helpful. You can choose the appropriate board depending on the weather. To announce a deal of the day, you can have chalk boards, but boards with a permanent message are also important to show relevancy and improve loyalty. You can find some manufacturers in the market who offer a discount on the purchase of multiple boards. You can take advantage of it by purchasing boards of different materials.

3. Consider its Usage Hours –

Consider the time of the day when the board will be put to use. Displaying a chalkboard at night will be of no use. For that time, you require a sandwich board having LED lights. It will grab the attention of passers quickly. Also, they will find it easy to read the message on the board. Chalkboards are suitable during day time.

4. Consider Your Budget –

Don’t ignore your budget. Boards come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Their cost varies depending on these factors. So you need to understand how much you can spend before finalizing any signboard. It will sound smart shopping if you will not overlook your budget before buying anything.

5. Consider the ambiance and environment of location –

Choosing a signboard that does not fit the environment it is purchased for is of no use. It will look odd and can harm your sales. Make sure that the size and shape of the board do not create any problem for pedestrians.


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