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The Weird and Wonderful World Of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears have been around for over 100 years. However, that doesn’t forestall designers and inventors from arising with wacky new ways of using, altering, or (in a few cases) destroying them! From the innovative to the kitsch, Teddy Bears’ arenas are full of creative new thoughts, ranging from the wonderfully touching, to the downright weird!

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The Teddy Bear Gun

Surprisingly, this isn’t a joke! This Japanese ‘toy’ has surely been designed to make lifestyles simpler at your wedding! Instead of throwing confetti at the bride and groom, the Japanese move one step similarly and throw Teddy Bears!

Naturally, a person in Japan realized that this culture might be made an entire lot easier if they had a gun to ‘throw’ the Teddy Bears for them, and so created the Teddy Bear Gun.
This contraption– produced by means of Japanese paintball gun producers, Sunamiya– utilizes the technological know-how at the back of their paintball guns to thrust the Teddy Bear via a transparent barrel, high into the air with an easy ‘click’ of the trigger.

Fortunately, no Teddy Bears are injured by using one of these contraptions as each bear is equipped with their personal mini parachute, so they go with the flow thoroughly and gracefully backtrack to Earth to wish the bride and groom well on their adventure.

USB Teddy Bear

That’s proper, a records-storing Teddy Bear! At first glance, that is just a regular, cute Teddy Bear; however, after you pull its head off (Yes, you are required to decapitate this dire Teddy Bear!), it abruptly turns into a USB memory stick, with the top-performing as the cap. When plugged in, it seems even though the Teddy Bear is being sucked into your computer! Poor aspect. Maybe a person had a rating to settle? We’re not too optimistic whilst, or even if these Teddy Bears will come on to the market. So in case you don’t experience like waiting to discover, it can’t be that difficult to pull apart considered one of your much loved cuddly toys…

The Huggable

The ‘Huggable’ Teddy Bear really suits our ‘tremendous’ category!

This Teddy Bear is being evolved to behave like a robot companion for the ill, aged, or infirm who’re unable to revel in the presence of real animals and the blessings this may convey. The concept of the ‘Huggable’ was born after clinical trials proved that animals could reduce strain ranges in patients; however, some- due to allergies or local regulations- cannot have to get right of entry to such animals.

Making use of the modern-day sensate-pores and skin technology, cameras in the eyes, microphones inside the ears, wireless generation and records series strategies, the Teddy Bear has been intelligently designed to reply to touch within the manner an actual animal could, after which communicate in the appropriate way.

The purpose is to offer a helpful tool for care vendors that is emotionally beautiful and gives honest, measurable health blessings to patients. This has to be the maximum advanced, ahead wondering, technologically packed Teddy Bear we’ve got ever seen!

Teddy Bear MP3 Player

Appealing to Teddy Bear lovers internationally, a nifty minor Teddy Bear MP3 player, able to store 128MB of audio, with a USB connection, and a liberal $seventy eight fee tag, seems set to turn out to be one of the most beneficial and practical Teddy Bears to be had, without compromising on cuteness. Created with Tomy’s aid and weighing in at best 50g (aside from battery), this instead retro searching product will provide you up to eight hours of playback from an unmarried AA battery!

Teddy Bear Chair

As gentle and as comforting as a ‘real’ Teddy Bear, this eccentric Teddy Bear Chair was designed employing fixtures designer Matti Klenell. Perfect for any Teddy Bear lover seeking out something absolutely one-of-a-kind to grant their domestic with, ‘Mido’ is an upholstered Easy Chair, fashioned like a Teddy Bear, initially displayed at the Agate Gallery, Stockholm as a part of an impressive solo exhibition.

The Evil Spy Robot Teddy Bear

No, this is not the modern navy mission, but a Teddy Bear geared up with the modern-day and maximum superior generation. The Teddy Bear is being evolved to reply to the Teddy Bear’s proprietors’ voice, actions, and even facial expressions!

With Microsoft showcasing a high-tech Spy Robot Teddy Bear at the TechFest trade fair, the stage appears set for further investment and development into sensible Teddy Bears able to recording moments of your toddler’s day, studying them a book, or even connecting to a parent’s machine in a far-flung place to enable them to ‘software a repertoire for a child.’ The possibilities appear endless!

Initially, this Teddy Bear changed into designed to tune someone’s movement around a room evidently. Still, because then, the entire venture has exploded, and destiny plans for the Teddy Bear will take this toy to an excellent stage of the class.

The Creepy Teddy Bear

Called the quite reassuring ‘TeddyBearBand,’ this ‘cuddly toy’ turned into noticeably designed with the aid of Philippe Starck who claims that ‘an overabundance of toys fosters infidelity’ in youngsters, main him to create this form of hybrid of Teddy Bears/gentle toys that seemingly meets all of an infant’s wishes!

With this Teddy Bear having a bunny for a hand and a dog for afoot, it certainly packs extra animals into a cuddly toy than the average Teddy Bear. However, I’m concerned about the goals I’ll be having tonight after seeing this element, allow along with the effect it’ll have on a young child.

With such a lot of bizarre and tremendous matters occurring within the Teddy Bear global, it makes you wonder whether our cuddly friends have emotions and emotions in their personal. What would they consider the crazy ideas we’ve got for Teddy Bears? Do they arrive wide awake at night time and contemplate our moments of cruelty?

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Perhaps it’s miles sometimes proper that we shape connections with the inanimate items that we surround ourselves with and ultimately humanize our Teddy Bears, and by means of doing this, we begin treating them as if they’ve human feelings- pain, fear, love. Whatever the case, we are confident the crazy Teddy Bear inventions will maintain right here at Funky Bears. We cannot wait to look at the following weird or fantastic thoughts that human beings inside the equal enterprise as ourselves will provide you with!

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