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You Must Be a Contrarian to Win at Horse Racing!

Betting is a hell of plenty more remarkable amusing whilst you win. The public generally views everybody who bets on horse racing as a gambler, translating a “loser.” With my early Computer Group success, I actually have by no means are taken into consideration myself as both a gambler or a loser.

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You need to method racing with the mindset of a stock market analyst. If you observe it any other way, you’re simply every other compulsive gambler. (Sorry if all people is offended, but we need to keep it actual) Racing is a new monetary market that is slowly catching up to the rest of the arena.

With the invention of peer-to-peer alternate wagering, racing may be attacked, conquered, and soundly crushed. Advanced algorithms we use in our laptop programs nonetheless have a determined gain over the public. We are not speaking approximately the software you buy for £ forty-nine—95 on the internet, but proprietary databases run by way of mainframe computer systems.


To beat the bookmakers and flog the public, you want to “assume out of the container” and do the opposite of what they’re doing. This is the handiest accomplished by using contrarian thinking. Instead of having a bet horses to win, like the rest of the farm animals, turn out to be a bookmaker and take a stand in opposition to public opinion with the aid of laying horses to win. If you are an amateur in all this, let me speedy explain that you can both back a horse on any occasion this means that you have a bet to win. Conversely, I take a contrarian role against you, which means that I am Laying your horse to lose.

When backing, you bet 10 to win 50. I pick to be on the opposite side using placing up £50 that allows you to win 10. Sound loopy. I am asking you to risk a lot to handiest win a touch. Do no longer depart, but we are the handiest getting commenced. Think approximately it, all of your loser buddies are having a bet horse to win yr in and 12 months out. Are they retired and residing on a golf path, offshore in Paradise, like I am? Or might they, as an alternative, borrow cash from YOU each week until payday?

Casinos and Bookmakers in Las Vegas welcome all comers to wager anything they want on racehorses. Look on the net; masses of casinos will come up with an advantage if you promise to lose cash with them. Maybe these casinos and bookmakers are direct to something. Bookmakers are a hit due to the fact they apprehend the mathematical odds of racing and sports wagering. We commenced in 1979 and have spent years examining the correct mathematics on what constitutes a loser. Most humans cannot parent out a gadget that is foolproof and mathematically accurate. Math geniuses are few and a long way along.

Let us observe this proposition a little bit nearer. You are within the role of being David versus Goliath when backing a horse to win. To win, virtually everything wishes to go your way. You want to trust the teacher. Has he been nicely placed his horse in a race along with his buddies? (His pals of the route are other horses that he can beat) Next, the Jockey has to come up with a perfect trip. Do now not move too quickly, do not get close off, do now not pass too speedy, is he an apprentice. Ouch, and do no longer cross too gradual, give to past due, and maximum essential. Do no longer fall off.

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The horse also needs to cooperate for you to collect. He needs to sense like jogging nowadays. Those new blinkers or tongue ties want to paintings. What approximately that deep muddy song or the synthetic surface? Has he run properly on it before? He can’t end up spooked by using a brand new tune surface. This is new to him. There are one million extra little tidbits that can separate you from your cash.

Allow me to test the Lay side of this equal occasion. I even have determined to blunders on the facet of the casinos and bookmakers. I will wager that your horse will now not win; I could be laying him to lose. The last time I regarded them, they were building a few pretty exceptional casinos with this wondering. And the most excellent information is, you will want the whole thing to move right. I best want one thing to be able to pass incorrect. I also have some other big bonus. I actually have each other horses in the race going for walks for me. So in a race of 15 runners, I am cheering for any of 14 of them to win. If you have spent years backing horses and going home a loser, maybe it’s time to interchange teams and begins laying horses.


The net is full of innumerable computer packages, systems, books, and manuals that supposedly give you a chance to retire. Most of them will take your money and give you little more than empty promises in return. These applications are not horrible; they are not sophisticated enough to offer you the edge needed to win. To be aggressive, you should combine the art generation with arithmetic and meticulous document maintenance.

Can this be completed by way of hand or on your own home computer, you ask? Certainly, however, you will want Santa’s little helpers working to enter all the statistics. Also, ensure you’re the usage of computer systems with synthetic intelligence. In other words, the pc learns each day from the consequences and makes corrections to this system while needed. No software program is assured to work in the future. Racing is in a constant nation of flux and trade. You must stay beforehand of rule adjustments, tune bias, climate, and many others. Or you’ll be eaten up by using marketing.


Remember, with lay betting; you want to adopt a reverse method for evaluating horses and racing conditions. You ought to analyze how a horse will perform under present music conditions. You need to check the race shape. Is there a lot of pace inside the race nowadays? What should a part of the music your jockey vicinity the pony? Many people assume they have a system, most straightforward to discover that it does no longer paintings all of the time. To be verified as successful, your program or device ought to paintings at all tracks, covering all racing varieties, any time of the yr. If your systems underplay, you need to withstand chasing your losses. This best results in silly selections, and that of direction is never properly. Remember, scared cash “NEVER WINS.” LIVE BY NUMBERS AND FORGOT HUMAN EMOTION.

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We are proper at what we do because all technique is one hundred% Mechanical and problem of human emotions. Over one hundred,000 races went into the Matrix Profile to find out what makes a loser. This is the most vital line in this newsletter. It would help if you took Emotion out of the handicapping equation, up of direction you’re a HAL 9000 pc. You will need the most spartan WIN by using strictly trusting and following the numbers.

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