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Tayvion Cole


Whenever a bad incident takes place, people often come out to march in support of the victim who suffered for justice, be it physically or virtually.

Like that, social media networking sites were flooded with questions, doubts, thoughts, and most importantly, seeking justice for none other than Tayvion Cole.

Everyone was shocked to know what happened the night Trayvon Cole was seen alive for the last time.

Was it a spur-of-the-moment incident, or was it a planned murder?

As we move forward, each of the above questions will be answered in this article. But before getting into that, let us know something about Tayvion Cole.

Tayvion Cole

Who was Trayvon Cole?

Taylor Cole was a future Division 1 College athlete. He was also a gamer in Roblox. He was just 19 years old.

All About Roblox 

Roblox is an online gaming platform that provides people with games to play for fun.

It provides a game and allows the participants to enjoy their time, thereby making friends, creating and visualizing things, and going far away on the road of imagination.

It allows you to play 3D games along with your friends in groups.

It also allows one to create their creations within the game along with the corporation’s people working behind the scenes in making the games.

Death of Trayvon Cole

As mentioned above, Taylor was a Roblox gamer and participated in the game that night.

On 6th August 2021, a friend of Tayvion Cole, the Asian girl, decided to backstab Trayvon.

Asia gave Zach Tayvion’s location. The location was that of a house party. She hired a man named Zach Bryson and paid ten bands to take him out.

On 7th August 2021, Tayvion enjoyed the house party at Shaffer Village. The party was virtual, and he was busy playing with his group members.

Zach was immediately notified that Tayvion was already at the party. While on the other hand, Trayvon was clueless about what would happen in the next few minutes.

At about 7:34 pm, Zach Bryson, another gamer of Roblox, entered the party, making way for him out of the crowd, and approached Tayvion Cole.

Then suddenly, at 12:13 am, Zach let off eight shots of the gun into Tayvion’s head, chest, legs, and torso.

Taylor was instantly declared dead due to being shot so many times. Zach also injured another gamer of Roblox.

Thus, the murder happened, and Tayvion Cole passed away.

The news was spread uncontrollably that Tayvion got murdered, and Tayvion’s people knew who did it.

Zach Bryson was also found murdered the same day of the incident. After two days after this incident, the Asian girl was also brutally killed.

Trayvon’s death caused an outbreak across various social media platforms.

After that, innumerable murders and killings happened in East Brickton, causing a gang war.

Even the police were also unable to control the situation at hand.

Reasons related to Tayvion’s Murder

As mentioned earlier, the murder was planned by the Asian girl. However, the reason was not revealed.

Zach wasn’t there to say anything about the happenings before the incident.

However, it has come to be known that the person organizing the party is currently under police investigation.

Aftermath of Tayvion Cole’s Death

Taylor Cole’s murder took up cyberspace primarily due to three reasons.

  • First and foremost, the Roblox community wanted to know about Taylor Cole.

The community was shocked that such an incident had taken place.

The house party was meant for socializing with others and making friends.

  • On second thought, many of the gamers of Roblox made this incident viral like a fever over the internet by transforming it into a meme.
  • His family members also spread information about this violent and unjustified act over social media so that more and more people could know about it and be aware of such actions.
  • After the death of Trayvon Cole, his close ones, like family members, friends, and other acquaintances, were also living in fear that their life might be threatened after this incident.
  • However, Zach Bryson still did not clarify the motive behind this dreadful incident, and Asia White also couldn’t say anything about it because she was already on her deathbed.

The Roblox community also felt its effects.

This community was started so that people could play games, make friends, and gain entertainment from it.

People could learn skills like communication, trading, socializing, etc.

Such a platform shouldn’t be engaged in or conduct any activity that supports violence.

People were mourning this incident. Many posts and pages were removed immediately after this happened.

How did this incident come into the limelight?

Recently, there’s this meme in the form of a video going in and around all over the place.

The video shows a house party where everyone goes with the flow, enjoying and having fun.

But then suddenly, the party turns chaotic as someone enters the party, approaches a man, and shoots him brutally, killing him within seconds.

This video was based on the actual incident which occurred with Taylor Cole.

It amazed people worldwide, especially in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Where to watch this Incident?

You can find the video of this incident on many youtube channels. You can also find the links attached below.


The entire Roblox community was shocked, and everyone who knew Tayvion Cole wanted justice for him. Zach Bryson was responsible for this incident and should be held liable for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who are the people most affected by Tayvion Cole’s death?

Ans. Taylor Cole’s death has become a significant loss for his family, friends, and everyone close to him.

2. What will be the process ahead after this incident?

Ans. Police are seeking an investigation. Also, no funeral has been yet conducted. Everyone is taking their own time to mourn for his soul.

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