This Life Is an Audition for the Next

I am frequently asked, “What is my motive in lifestyles?”, “Why am I here?” “What does God have planned for me?” and so, even though I have touched on some of those subjects before, I sense that it is necessary to encompass some of them together surely because of the gross misunderstanding of this essential subject to many humans.

Some humans never seem to actually make an enormous attempt at lifestyles, preferring alternatively to sort of lollygag around in existence and await something good to manifest to you or to die. I think a lot of this is due to wrong thoughts approximately God that have been taught, not only in church buildings, spiritual institutions, and their misleading non-secular dogma however additionally in faculties, in “self-assist” books, and through psychologists and scientists alike making existence seem with none exact reason and unnecessary. It looks like there have to be some secret, hidden, elusive that means to existence which could in no way be located with the aid of the normal man or woman, and that no matter how tough you strive, you’re sure to be met via frustration, failure and eventually death and sure destruction, however that is some distance from the truth.

This form of outlook is primarily based partly on some distorted concept that the universe is in some manner pre-determined in its movements, set into movement by using afar off. Capricious god with the available energy starting to deplete at the very second introduction changed into completed and destined to fall apart in a few final cataclysmic events at a while within the future, with all life as you are aware of it ending with annihilation and extinction and you on your present lifestyles, assembly with something pretty comparable handiest on a more immediate time scale.

With this sort of future to look forward to, it’s no surprise that humans can fall into malaise and melancholy, believing that existence has no actual which means and that non-public extinction awaits at their deaths, so it in no way happens to them that with the aid of living their life the high-quality they can inside their personal capability and boundaries, they may be pleasing lifestyles’ requirements through without a doubt BEING. You tend to assume that certain mysterious physical accomplishments are required to satisfy your purpose to God for giving you lifestyles. If that were the case, there would be no hope for people who die in childbirth or quickly later on.

Lives come and move, not that each lifestyle isn’t crucial, because they’re important and the future doesn’t quit with loss of life. In a manner, loss of life is simply one massive step into destiny, or in this case, the continuation of a future already began. There are some crucial reasons for the life you’re now experiencing, and also, you cannot blame your life on a few unintended sexual stumbles upon in a second of passion after a party via your dad and mom. No existence is ever begun by accident, and you can rightly say that no existence is ever started that was now not already expected through your Soul or Entity. To the Soul, developing a brand new persona is critical, and it does not take that duty lightly.

You came into this lifestyle with a plan that you created earlier than you have been born, which you have deliberately prompted yourself to forget about. This is for real motives that should do with confronting and reply to occasions without a pre-present reality of the predicted outcome. Otherwise, the effects would be laid low with that preceding expertise, and there could be no want for striving to gain.

You are supposed to create, enjoy and study from the whole lot your existence touches, and in so doing, grow in love and creativity and, within the process, extend your cognizance. In that, you’re pleasurable your cause in life, but you ought to do all of this without earlier expertise which you wrote the script for the “drama” of your life. No lifestyles start without reason or a theme, and yours is no extraordinary. (see an article of August 14, Life Themes across Time.) Now, if you do not accept as true with that life keeps after bodily death, then what I say from right here on will preserve little meaning for you; however, if you do accept as true with as you ought to that lifestyles are eternal, then you have ample cause to try to recognize the significance of what you do in this existence. Via doing so, supply it new that means.

You are basically on this lifestyles, auditioning for your next existence, or need to, I say, laying the basis on your subsequent existence, and what you do here will have an effect on the “drama” of your subsequent life that you’ll once more write and act out another time on this physical global and once again, like the absent-minded professor, you will overlook which you wrote the script. There is one exception: you are prepared to evolve out of the physical machine and discover new challenges in extra evolved structures. In those instances, lifestyles maintain only on tons distinctive phrases than now.

The lifestyles you are dwelling now with all of its challenges, its heartaches, its tragedies, successes, loves, hates and accomplishments are colored and shaded by your (closing life enjoy), so that you can assume in case your present life is full of difficulties and tragedies, it’s far at least in part because you put it up that way through your movements in a beyond existence.

Of direction, I am referring right here to reincarnation, and I might recommend that in case you deliver little regard to your actions on this life, then you can’t rail on the heavens cursing God for the issues you’ll come across on your subsequent physical existence. Your common revel in this existence is the result of moves in previous lives, and if this lifestyle is much less than you desire, you could blame no person, however, yourself. Reoccurring issues may not floor in the next lifestyles; however, in a manner, you can say that “the piper needs to be paid” someday, somewhere even though the time and area can be centuries in the destiny in distant lands.

I am not relating to the “Karma” impact because it applies to misdeeds, as a whole lot as I am talking about a natural waft of lifestyles from one existence to another. You will stay again in any other age, as every other person, possibly any other gender, every other race, a new name, and a brand new character; however, you will maintain the internal “You” of you and the same identity and which could never be assailed or diminished. Sometimes I, in reality, wish I could sit someone down and shake them and lead them to take into account that they may be inherent of top rationale; they have been no longer born in sin. They’re surely everlasting beings, yet many write to me expressing little hope of continuing lifestyles after physical loss of life.

Audition for the Next

When you act inside the gift, your actions are not most effective applicable on your daily lifestyles and your gathered collection of reports in this physical body on this existence, however, turns into indelible to your general psychic collection of private facts, recorded in electrical and chemical fields endlessly and can be genetically drawn on in future existences. No “Important” reminiscence is ever misplaced from one lifestyle to any other. The understanding of preceding lives is genetically coded inside the chromosomes of your gift frame even though conscious information of them will continue to be hidden for lots of motives, one in every one of them being, which you have enough problem dealing with the experience of one lifetime at a time, not to mention the knowledge of many lives. You could certainly be overwhelmed and swamped with facts that your focus couldn’t keep right now.

No action or no experience is ever lost or out of place either, and your first notion as a little one nonetheless exists nowadays and is as real in its very own discipline as a rock on your garden. No idea, idea, or imagination is ever lost, and nothing is wasted inside the whole universe. It then behooves you to stay this existence, now not carefully, however with exuberance, confident which you, to your current actions are laying an awesome foundation for a “Life to Come” in the destiny. All that is predicted is that you do as well as you can.

I am now not inferring here which you should be a do-gooder, a religious icon, strolling softly and speaking quietly with head hung in submissive subservience to God. I am no longer suggesting you ought to spend your Sundays groveling to your knees in holy reverence in a church. I am no longer even announcing which you ought to research inspiring, religious quotations inside the Bible, Dao, Tao, or hunker down in some mountain pinnacle cave or monastery residing your existence in seclusion thinking of your navel.

I am sincerely suggesting which you live your life to the fullest within your personal scope of focus to benefit yourself and your compatriots and to the pleasure of your talents, inflict no harm on others. Of course, that includes all residing focus, i/e, the animals and different creatures that percentage the planet with you. In this way, you’re setting up the opening act to your subsequent life drama, and you won’t be dissatisfied with the effects.

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