How to Make Money From Your Blog Part Four – Sitemaps

Using a Sitemap

A sitemap of an internet site is like a listing list of your internet site and all of its pages. Sitemaps are vital as they guide human beings to the unique part of the website they’re interested in. Sitemaps also are in which search engines like google look at if any person is searching out a selected key-word or phrase. If you have a sitemap, you may maximum in all likelihood be searched. Creating a sitemap is extraordinarily clean. So let us get began.

With pen and paper, map out your website. That is to say, make a list beginning with your house page and finishing with the remaining or ‘deepest’ page for your website or blog. Include in this draft all the links for your web page and where they point to. Once you have got this completed and are glad about your enhancement, you could create your website map with an HTML editor or maybe notepad if you are so inclined. There are also loads of automatic online sitemap generators that you may use without cost. You also can download any number of software programs additionally totally free that robotically generate sitemaps.


Use a primary HTML editor, assuming you’re going to try this yourself, and after developing the sitemap, you may add the sitemap in your net host. You must comprise a hyperlink to your sitemap someplace on your own home page not less than. Every web page’s Footer is any other correct area to vicinity a link to a website map if you pick out now not to feature a hyperlink to your navigation menu. The link will permit site visitors to your site to home in on any precise region of a hobby to them.

How a Sitemap can Help Your Ranking

A sitemap is a list of pages of an internet site on hand to crawlers and traffic on your weblog or internet site. It additionally helps seek engine bots locate pages on the website. A weblog or internet site that does not have a sitemap submitted is at a disadvantage to those who have, as a way as search engine consequences and ratings are involved. Site maps can enhance search engine optimization of a site by ensuring that each of the pages can be determined. This is especially vital if a site uses a dynamic access to content material consisting of Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not consist of HTML hyperlinks. They also act as a navigation resource via giving a top-level view of a web sites content material.

XML Sitemaps

Google introduced Google Sitemaps, so web developers should submit lists of links from throughout their sites. The fundamental premise is that a few websites have a huge variety of dynamic pages, which might be best to be had through forms and personal entries. The Sitemap files can then suggest to a web crawler how such pages can be observed. All most important engines like to google now mutually help the sitemaps approach of web site listing. Since many search engines like google and yahoo use equal strategies, having a sitemap lets the most important engines like google have the updated web page information. Sitemaps do not assure all links will be crawled, and being crawled does not guarantee to index. However, a Sitemap continues to be the first-class coverage for purchasing a seek engine to study your complete website. XML Sitemaps have replaced the older method of “filing to search engines like google” via filling out a shape on the search engine’s submission web page. Now net developers publish a Sitemap without delay or await serps to find it.

Adding a Sitemap for Your Blog

You can now add a Google sitemap on your blogger.Com account and grow your probabilities indexed in Google search engine results. You can upload a sitemap on your account to present Google more incredible statistics about your site’s pages to help Google crawl them greater efficaciously. There are some steps to follow; however, this is in no way a difficult system.

1) log in to sitemap account:


At the pinnacle of the display screen, you may see the option to upload the website online. Just paste the URL of your blog (for example, http://yourblog.Blogspot.Com/). Click on the OK button. Next, you’ll get an affirmation message. Your web page has been added to your account.

2) Now, you want to verify your ownership of the weblog to view specified data. Click on affirm link. Google offers methods of verification. You can both add an HTML record with a call you select (which isn’t possible with a Google Blogger account) or upload a META tag on your web sites index file. Adding a META tag via template code is feasible, so select Add a META tag from the drop-down menu. It will generate code for you. Copy the meta tag code and paste it into your blog templates [HEAD] phase for your dashboard. Here is a way to do that.

3) Go to your blogger.Com and login into your account. Go on your blog, and inside the dashboard vicinity, click on a template or search for the ‘HTML’ button and click that. You will then see the ‘code’ on your page or template. Paste the META tag code after the [HEAD] tag but BEFORE the ultimate [/HEAD] tag. Then click on the shop template adjustments button.

4) Now go back to the Google sitemap account web page and click on the verify button. Google will experiment with your blog or page for the meta code you pasted into the [head] section of your blog’s code and go back to a demonstrated reaction. It would help if you observed that, in some instances, it could take some time for your blog or site to be tested. Generally, if it has not been validated within 24 hours, do the process once more and double test the verification code’s location on your template. You can upload a sitemap to your account to provide Google additional information about approximately your weblog. Google will process your sitemap and offer data on any mistakes within the sitemaps tab in the net master’s gear location.

Done. It may also have seemed like a protracted technique; however, it’s far crucial if you want your weblog to be crawled by way of the main search engines like google. This is one of the first stuff you have to do as soon as your weblog or website online has been posted.

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