Men and Their Money: The Old-Fashioned Way

The exceptional way to learn about men and their money is to date guys. As an aspiring young commercial enterprise girl, I did no longer hold close the brilliance of this easy advice till after many years in business and after many years of dating. I did now not recognize what courting men had to do with commercial enterprise and money.

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Men manipulate cash. Women discover ways to get money from men. Some girls get money from men by way of marrying them. Other girls get money from guys through working for them. Some women get cash from men by using having sex with them. It is only a count of what you are inclined to exchange in exchange for money.

Before you could make this choice, they have to decide how a lot of money they need and the way they plan to “get” it. It is similar to trading baseball playing cards. Each man or woman has to decide which “cards” are most precious to them in my view or financially. Some “cards” have higher trading fee than other cards. Some cards have sentimental fee requiring anybody to decide their non-public really worth in comparison to their street or market cost. This is why my girlfriends have been able to “get” extra cash for their “exchange” than I turned into. The prettier the girl is, the better her exchange price. Men recognize this, girls recognize this. I became too naive to understand this.

The Old-customary Way

When I turned into younger, older men frequently presented my money in exchange for sex. I was given used to this. When I changed into younger, however, they might take me to dinner earlier than popping the sex query. Now that I am older, they assume I recognize my “buying and selling value” and, consequently, assume that I realize a way to play the sport of life in a capitalistic society. They also anticipate that as a lady, I might opt for a person “purchase” me for sexual pleasure instead of me incomes it the old fashioned manner via getting an activity.

The old style manner for a man to exchange his body for money was to get a activity. Men would paintings hard, produce a sincere day’s paintings for a sincere day’s pay and bear in mind their exchange worthwhile. Then, when they have money, they assume they could “buy” a girl to please them. Some want to be thrilled physically. Others need to be thrilled psychologically. Most of them prefer to be thrilled bodily, with no strings attached and at low fees. To decide the value of the trade, men calculate how plenty they make per hour. Then, they deduct for regular prices inclusive of meals, clothes, cars and luxurious watches.

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After everyday expenses are deducted, they then decide how an awful lot cash remains and, therefore, how much they are able to manage to pay for to pay for his or her bodily pride. They similarly estimate how a good deal time they want to meet their private pride so one can calculate a truthful hourly price for the girl or women they want to be thrilled by way of. The more money they make, the extra they could find the money for to pay for a lady. The greater they can pay for a lady, the prettier they anticipate the girl to be. They need a lady of high “buying and selling” value and try to decide how high they could afford to pay. They need a girl of high market-price if you want to please themselves or others via displaying their capability to shop for high-market women. Either manner, the man’s ego is satisfied. His ego or self-esteem is strengthened thru his capability to improve his social reputation on society’s ladder of achievement. The man wins both manners. The handiest deterrent to gratifying his physical or psychological delight is the quantity of money he can have the funds for to spend. Once the calculations are completed, most guys determine they can manage to pay for or are willing to spend approximately $20 greenbacks for an hour of satisfaction. Hence, the motive they often throw-inside the price of dinner since it makes them experience like they pre-paid the tip and, therefore, are a “large spender.”

The old-fashioned way for a girl to trade her frame for cash become to marry, undergo youngsters, cook meals, clean house and compliment her husband both inside and out of the bedroom. The husband and wife shared the duties of daily survival. The guy bore the responsibility for bodily labor and monetary profits. The spouse supported his efforts via retaining the home easy and useful in order that the person could attend his attention to the important matters of incomes a living. The guy shared the proverbial “crop” along with his spouse as a charge for her contribution to his earning ability. In different words, they “process shared.” It changed into a team attempt with every associate contributing towards the lowest line wherein they both later benefited from. It becomes a joint-undertaking.

Contemporary Society

In modern-day society, however, ladies and men now not share comparable attitudes closer to income advent or profit sharing. The feminist motion helped propel this modification in mindset by way of convincing men, the majority of employers and cash-keepers, into hiring women to carry out the much less physically demanding positions through placing them inside the office to carry out the menial obligations associated with clerical responsibilities which includes submitting, typing, answering telephones or bookkeeping.

Attitudes and Special Interests

Through those subtle attitudinal modifications and about 30 years of unique-interest politics, ladies and men slowly started out to modify to those new ideas. Women went to the workplace to earn their hold, used delivery manage to save you being pregnant and bought their our bodies to the business enterprise as opposed to their husband. She now had two masters to serve.

To similarly complicate matters, she made sub-fashionable wages requiring her to hold family members with one guy or some other or both so as to continue to exist. If she had kids, she becomes similarly obligated to please a couple of guys – whether at paintings or at domestic. Men endured controlling the money and the girls. For many guys, this supposed they could manage one girl in the workplace and another at home, thereby, presenting double-the-pleasure and double-the-earnings for the same 24-hour everyday cycle.

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These same attitudes are typical today. The best difference is the terminology we use to speak about the details. Money continues to be disguised in the back of love or labor. Men and girls still marry, nevertheless endure youngsters and nonetheless fight for money. They have distinctive perceptions about cash. They keep rating in a different way. They have one of a kind values which might be typically pondered inside the methods and means wherein they earn and spend cash. These dissimilar attitudes are in addition complex with the aid of the nationsecular beliefs promoted inside most Christian societies causing in addition confusion and eventual chaos for folks that are seeking for definitive solutions to the which means of life. The answers are too regularly contradictory.

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