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When you organize a good show in the name of charity, people like to come. So if you want to raise funds, organize a silent auction, you can think of holding a charity concert. Here are a few steps that will help you plan a grand charity concert and get it started on the right note.

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Since you are dealing with the concert, you might think that contacting bands is the first step, but the best way to begin organizing a concert is by assembling a team that you can count on and are ready to help you through your charity. Putting up a charity show is not an easy task, so you must take help from wherever it comes from. Sit with your team, chalk out a proper plan and find ways to execute it to prevent your concert from being muddled.


You cannot choose a date or decide on to performers line up until you have a proper venue. Where is the first question you must ask yourself before you spread the word about your charity concert? Furthermore, how many people the place can accommodate is another factor you must consider for choosing your venue. Perhaps a local park, pub, or club is better suited to the vibe and crowd.


The artists that can perform are mostly local as they are readily available to get in touch with. You cant expect Cardi B or Rihanna to grace your charity concert. Further, the local bands have a particular fan following who can help you spread the word via social media and their websites. These fans work well when it comes to marketing. Go for formats like the battle of the bands to entertain your crowd. Go for a talent hunt at school or university music departments to see who plays what.


Any event deals with not just venue, talent, team, refreshments, set-up, but it also deals with a budget that helps you surface your ideas into reality. You would want to maintain the crowd and bands’ safety, so you have to keep a proper security plan; printing t-shirts for your team and volunteers is another thing that you need to look into. Hence everything you plan needs a little cushioning of money. Always keep your budget more as there can be unforeseen spendings. Also, decide on how much money you want to raise for the charity. Add everything up and then divide it by the number of people who will attend the event. This will give you a good idea of the concert ticket price. Souvenirs and concessions are a great way to raise money, as is having your show’s emcee announce your donation page and encouraging people to support your cause.


No event can go without advertisements. Even though you have a fresh line up, a grand venue, and a good cause to raise funds for, yet the tickets might not sell as they should. You’ve got to use every avenue available to get the word out and continue to do so right through the date of your show. Tell everyone you meet or know about your cause and the concert you’re putting on in its support. Stick posters in the university’s notice board, take the help of local media and local chambers of commerce to give you a hand in spreading the word. Pamphlets, posters, and flyers are modern ways of promotion. Also, this is the digital age. Nothing exists if it is not on the internet, so go online use social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to create an event page. This will help you boost support for your cause.

Follow the tips above to organize a successful charity concert!


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