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Pros and Cons of Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps help you to make your life more easy and convenient in a number of ways. Using these apps, you can find the best restaurants in your nearby place, look for your friend near you, or call for any transportation facility.

So they offer real-time guidance to the traveler about everything they want. On the other side, some people are concerned about location tracing and want to spoof GPS with tools like iSpoofer iOS.

In this article, we will help you to know the pros as well as cons of location-based apps. Whether you have an android or iOS device, we have discussed how you can use fake GPS and GPS spoofing iPhone to hide your location from these apps.

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Part1: What are the Location-Based Apps?

Locations based apps use GPS technology of Smartphone to track the location of the person by using real-time data. Some of the services of the location-based apps permit the users to search for the best restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and other places.

There are many location based apps like Tinder, Pokémon Go, Grindr Xtra, Zomato, Uber and more that uses your device’s location to track you.

Sometimes, you may also think about how location-based apps trace all your movement. Well, there are numerous technology on your mobile phones that provide location information to these apps. The most common ways are GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi.

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Part 2: Pros of Location-Based Apps

There are several pros of using a location-based app on your Smartphone. For example, it helps the driver to know your exact location to pick you up, and companies with multiple locations can offer specials of the nearest stores to you. Some of the other benefits are given below:

  • Travel information

When you use a location-based app, you are able to know about real-time information, like weather reports of that area, traffic updates, and many more. So you can plan your travel accordingly.

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  • Proximity-based marketing

These apps help you to find the best offers and discounts that your local companies are offering. These companies offer ads only to those people who are available within the same geographic location.

So when you use any location-based app, you can get the best deals available nearby you.

  • Roadside assistance

Most of the roadside assistance organizations offer a location-based app that let them track your exact location. In case of some miss happening like a vehicle accident, you do not have to communicate your directions to them.

  • Prevents fraud

A location-based app also helps to create security by knowing the exact location of the customer through a Smartphone to a credit card transaction.

When you connect the location of your Smartphone to a credit card, it permits you to make transactions across different locations.

  • Convenience in finding new places

When we think of convenience, these apps are really helpful. Whether it is a business or social event, finding a new place becomes really easy with location-based apps.

Moreover, when you are traveling or moving to a new city, these apps help you to find all the interesting destinations with accurate details.

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  • Time and Money Management

As location-based apps make your travel easy, it also helps to spend time and money accurately. When you want to visit a particular place, using online maps, help you to find out the short route.

Part 3: Cons Of Location-Based Apps

All the things have two aspects that are positive and negative. In the same way, location-based apps also have some cons. Here are the disadvantages of such apps:

  • Privacy concerns

The first problem that you may face when you use any location-based app is your privacy. These apps work by tracking your present location. This can be dangerous as some apps give permission to anyone to track your location without your knowledge.

  • Inaccuracy

Sometimes there are chances that the information you receive is inaccurate due to poor interpretation of data, high urban density, and outdated data. How accurate the data will totally depend on what you are offering to the app.

But you can overcome this problem with the help of pattern recognition technology. This facilitates you to aim the users as per proximity points of interest.

  • Relevancy

When users get continuous requests from apps and social media platforms to share their locations, they may feel annoying. Users can only share their location with you when they know how you can benefit them.

  • Drains the battery of your phone

When you have any location-based apps on your phone, they constantly update the GPS information even when not in use and lead to battery consumption.

The solution to above cons is using location changer or spoof GPS with tools.

Part 4: How To Hide Your Location From Location – Based Apps Or Fake GPS

If you do not want anybody to spy on you, then you have an option to hide your location from the location-based apps. But the procedure of hiding your location depends on whether you are an iOS user or an Android user.

Follow the steps given below to Change or hide your location from the location-based apps.

4.1 Spoof GPS with Dr.Fone – Virtual Location on iOS devices

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is specially designed fake GPS tool for iOS devices. Let’s find out how you can pretend to be somewhere else with an iOS device.

  • First of all, you have to install and launch Dr. Fone’s Virtual Location on your PC for changing your location. Then press on Virtual Location on the main screen.

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  • Establish a connection between your PC and the iOS device. Then tap on the “Get Started” button.

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  • Now you can see your current location on the map of the PC. If you cannot see the current location, tap on the “Center On” situated at the lower right on the screen.

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  • Then select the third icon, which is on the upper right part of the screen. This is the “teleport mode.” Now you can type the name of the location where you want to teleport and click on “Go.”

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  • Then the location which you have entered is recognized by the program. Further, you have to click on the Move Here option, which is located in the pop-up dialogue.

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  • Now your location is changed successfully as the same you have selected. You can check it on the map or in any location-based app on your iOS device.

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4.2- Why to choose Dr.Fone for your iOS devices

Following are the features of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, which makes it best for faking location on iPhone.

  • No need to jailbreak the device

Dr.Fone offers a smart solution to its users for faking the GPS of their iOS devices without jailbreaking them. It is a secure tool that focus on protecting the privacy of iPhone users.

  • Support up to 5 devices

You can easily change the locations of five devices at a time, which saves a lot of your time.

  • Teleport Mode

Dr.Fone offers simple methods to change the location of your iPhone. You just need to enter your name, address to fake GPS on your iOS device. Moreover, you can also adjust it by moving a pin on the map of your phone.

  • Multi-stop mode

This is the most advanced mode for the users that helps them to create a complex route for their location along with multiple stops in between. Further, you can also adjust your speeds.

    1. Spoof GPS on Android devices

If you want to spoof your location on your android devices, then you can follow the following steps

  • Download a GPS spoofing app

First of all, go to the Play Store and look for GPS spoofing apps. There are multiple options available you can select whichever you want.

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  • Enable Developer options

The next step is to enable the Developer options on your android device. Go to the settings and tap on the gear icon.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the System option, and tap on Build number. When you verify the security of your lock screen, the Developer options will get enable.

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  • Select a mock location app

Then locate the select mock location app option on the screen of the device. Choose the app that you have installed on your device.

  • Spoof your location

After completing all the above steps, open the location app that you have downloaded for further process. After that, hit the “go” button, and you can now spoof your location.

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We hope that this article helps you to understand all the pros and cons of using a location-based app. To protect your privacy, you need to hide your current location from location – based apps. If you own an iPhone, you can change or fake GPS by using Dr.fone – Virtual Location on your iOS devices. Try it now!

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