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Continental Travel Business Plan

Executive Summary

The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is placed 30kms east of the CBD at the busy primary purchasing strip in Harvard and has been working for the best 6 weeks and is still very new to the place. The Branch is open from 9:00 am to five:30 pm each day and closes at 6 pm on Fridays, and it isn’t always open on the weekend. The patron demographics represented in the suburb are from low socio-economic through to excessive earnings, with the 2 key demographic businesses that signify the region, young families with babies and number one college-aged youngsters also older households with adolescent youngsters of their mid teenagers the too early twenties. There have been a number of-of latest centers these days built catering for the needs of those organizations and for the developing populace of Harvard, which consist of a brand new child care center for the younger families, a new retirement village for the growing older populace, and a new multi-degree purchasing center at Harvard Park along with 500 retail outlets. The foremost ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a significant percentage of first, 2nd, and third technology Greek and Italian-Australians and more latest, the profile has expanded to include a growing proportion of latest immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.


The Harvard Branch has been staffed using personnel from the neighboring branches without a previous running relationship and long-serving employees with a mean 7 years revel in and of brief-term staff. All the staff has Anglo-Australian background besides one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who is of Greek origin. Although the attrition fee within Continental’s Branches is within the common range, there has been a slight growth in turnover over the last 2 months, mainly with the group’s extra junior individuals. Recent pride surveys suggest a sixty-five% workforce satisfaction degree and fifty-four% workforce advocacy.

At gift, Harvard does now not have a consumer base although some of the Senior Travel Consultants have delivered some of their customers over to the new department with them; that is nevertheless inadequate to sustain their own targets, not to mention the overall performance the whole department. Most journey inquiries received so far all appear to be interested in domestic vacations, with many inquiries made for worldwide tourist destinations.


1. Situation Analysis

Australians had been acknowledged to be avid travelers. It isn’t always unusual to locate that most Australians have lived distant places at some point in their lives, with the general public traveling distant places for a holiday at least once every three years with those within the 20-35 age class undertaken international tour at least each 1-2 years. The terrorist assaults on Sept. 11, 2001, triggered significant turmoil within the journey enterprise, particularly on international travel and within Australia; the effect of this promoted an increase in home tourism. The sales of journey coverage also expanded wherein Continental made a large loss inside the 6 months after nine/11across all its operations, with a 20% downturn in income.

Ansett Airlines’ crumble impacted greatly on the domestic vacationer marketplace as it reduced the potential of the home airline industry, which triggered a loss in self-assurance within the home airlines. The warfare in Afghanistan and the Bali Bombing, the 2004 Tsunami in Asia delivered approximately also decline in the international tour, particularly to the Asian region is one of the top-rated visitor locations for Australian travelers. Australians’ self-belief to tour overseas is predicted to make a totally slow recuperation given these occasions, making it very difficult for tour companies to meet their sales objectives and nevertheless promote boom.

The group of workers profile within the Harvard Branch needs strengthening, as the groups have not labored together formerly. The staffing mix desires to mirror the lifestyle and demographics of Harvard, in which most of the populace is of Italian, Greek, Chinese, and Vietnamese origin. All staff is of Anglo-Australian, besides for one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who’s of Greek beginning. Although the attrition rate inside Continental’s Branches is in the common variety, there was a slight boom in turnover over the last 2 months, particularly with the team’s more junior members. Recent pleasure surveys indicate a 65% body of workers pride degree and fifty-four% body of workers advocacy.

2. Marketing Summary

Typically the travel and tourism marketplace is normally separated into essential classes, business and amusement tours. Each would generally make a contribution of about 45% to overall revenues. Then the rest is generated from mixed business/entertainment trips. The market is further separated from home and worldwide journey. Domestic travel accounts for approximately 70% of industry revenues. Business travel may be divided into two categories, the medium to the big corporate account and the small independent businessman. Leisure vacationers are classified in line with the forms of journeys they take, profits, or age. The 4 primary leisure travel corporations are:

1. Adventure, Special Interest, R&R, Honeymoons & Sightseeing Trips.
2. High-Income Travelers.
3. Budget-Conscious Travelers.
4. Families, Students & Seniors.

3. Market Demographics

The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is placed 30kms east of the CBD. While a huge variety of client demographics are represented inside the suburb, from low socio-economic thru to excessive earnings, two key demographic agencies represent the region: young families with toddlers and number one college-aged children, and “empty nesters” – older households with adolescent children of their mid young adult’s too early twenties. There have currently been some of the facilities constructed, catering to the wishes of those corporations. For more youthful families, a new childcare center, a new retirement village, and a nursing home were installed to get older populations. A multi-level shopping center, Harvard Park, has also opened, with over 500 stores now running.


The important ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a huge percentage of first, second, and 1/3 technology Greek and Italian-Australians. The profile has extended to include a growing proportion of new immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese beginning. Harvard Branch is located at the busy foremost buying strip in Harvard and is Continental’s most recent department inside the State, having opened just six weeks ago. As such, it does now not have a current customer base. The Branch is open from nine:00 am to 5:30 pm each day and closes at 6 pm on Fridays. It isn’t open for the weekend.

The team of workers profile within the Harvard Branch appears divergent. However, it isn’t always ordinary. Personnel from the neighboring branches have staffed the Branch, and as such, the teams have now not labored collectively previously. There is an excessive share of lengthy-serving employees, with an average 7-year tenure, collectively with an equally tremendous percentage of workers’ quick-time period group. All workers are Anglo-Australian except for one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who’s of Greek origin. The attrition fee within Continental’s Branches is inside the average range. However, there was a moderate boom in turnover over the last 2 months, particularly with the team’s extra junior members. Recent delight surveys indicate a sixty-five% group of workers pleasure stage and 54% personnel advocacy.

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