4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Home inspection Service Company

Home inspections are necessary to keep your home well-maintained. Taking care of a place where you spend most of your life is important. It is not easy to check all the areas and factors all by yourself. Therefore, you must hire a home inspection service company to keep a check and prepare a detailed report about the areas that need changes.

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The inspection list generally consists of-

  • Foundation and Support structure
  • Fireplaces
  • Ventilation
  • Heating system
  • Roof system
  • Electrical capacity and components
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Basement inspections
  • Water heater
  • Safety controls

Inspections done by various inspectors vary depending upon their qualifications, experience, and communication. Some provide inspection service at a low price and inspect certain areas to report in a few days to the client. Some are high levels of expertise, conduct thorough inspections, and invest hours in performing a single review. You would expect someone to give the value of the money you have invested in them. As a consumer, you must know what kind of inspection services are you receiving. So we have created a list of questions that you should ask before considering an inspection company-

What Home Inspection Training have they Taken?

Training requirements for home inspections vary from place to place. But most importantly, all of them must be licensed to carry out checks besides receiving training. They should receive field training and educational instructions for a required number of hours before testing for the home inspections. Do ask them to provide their home inspector license number for later references.

For How Long have they been in the Business as Home Inspector?

The time the home inspector is in the business tells a lot about his experience and professionalism. He would be more likely to guide you better and go through detailed inspection based on the knowledge he carries. There are plenty of competent home inspectors who are really good at their work, and they have just started, so it is important to check their knowledge and level of dedication. The other thing you can do is ask them to arrange meetings with their previous clients or give their contact numbers.

What is Included in the Inspection?

Ask your home inspection company what is included in the list since certain companies do not have coverage for pests, molds, or hazardous material. So it is better to ask before rather than regretting later.

What type of Home Inspection Report do they Provide, and When Will You Receive it?

A home inspector must provide you with a detailed report regarding all the defects and damages that need to be taken care of. Now it totally depends on your inspector whether he presents a written report or a computer-generated report. It is better to have an account that contains pictures of the damaged area to provide you with a better explanation. Sometimes you may not understand the terms and statements given by your home inspector. Therefore, having a picture attached to it can make understanding better and locate defective areas quickly. Ask your home inspector to provide the report as early as possible so you can work on the affected area thereafter.

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