Noteworthy Survey Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you are a first time home buyer, then you might be excited and confused at the same time. But never make a blind purchase in excitement. Otherwise, you can hurt your budget and financial goals. And it is obvious that you don’t want it to happen, so make a smart investment in the right way.

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Before buying anything, a survey is recommended. A survey is mandatory to make sure the property is suitable for you.

Taking first-time buyers into consideration, here we are with the noteworthy survey tips that can help them in the buying process:

1. Determine boundaries of the property –

Boundary lines are created around every property and assigned to the property owner to avoid any confusion. It is important to understand the location of these boundaries to build a fence, pool, or even a room.

2. Resolve disputes with neighbors(if any) –

Taking a survey is simply the best way to check if deck, fence, shed, or driveway is invading on your property. It is possible that neighbors mistakenly placed wrong boundary lines leading to a legal dispute. It can lead to undesired expenses.

To prevent such unwanted events from happening, it is suggested to get a survey done by hiring a trusted survey company.

3. Determine regulations on the property –

Generally, new guidelines and rules can arise from the neighborhood area, which can prevent your ability to build on the property in the future. For instance, if the authorities have marked your backyard as a flood plain area, then you will be restricted from extending a room. Local authorities usually issue the building permits, and for proper guidance, in this case, a land surveyor is required.

4. Check the right of ways and easements –

There are some rights that are framed to limit the use of someone else’s property. Setting the right-of-way will enable you to know the ability to place a path that lets you to travel over a neighbor’s property.

Also, it’s important to verify the drainage easement as it will prevent the structures from blocking the flow of water. It can also prevent you from installing a fence or even planting a garden.

Not to worry if you are not an expert at all this, you can hire a professional home surveyor. They have an adequate amount of knowledge about laws, math, and engineering. Also, they have had done a lot of surveys in the past for their client, which make them a pro.

It is essential to perform a thorough survey of the land being purchased. It will protect you from issues that can occur in the future and can harm your investment.

Consider these tips while making a survey of the home you wish to buy and they can help you in investing a property suitable for you.


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