Electronic Musician – Which Platform is Best – Mac Or PC?

I had been an avid digital musician for occurring sixteen years now. I have spent lots and heaps of greenbacks and lots of man hours gambling, learning, the usage of, and drooling of all types of musical gadget. I have used both PC and Mac through the years to create, edit and mix tracks, and the gap among the two has gotten loads smaller. Nothing is greater critical in a musicians arsenal than their PC. The computer is the central command station of your studio. It is where you save your information, software program packages, document, edit and mix your creations. That being said, how do you decide which platform is nice to your needs?


In the past, this query was a no brainer. Most innovative people would tell you hands down Macs have been the higher choice. The not unusual feeling become they simply worked better and appeared to talk with software a good deal extra successfully. Macs include an ease of use thing that can not be denied. You basically open the container hook up a cable or two and set up the software application and you’re up and strolling.

Some of the earliest tune modifying and programming software was most effective to be had on the Macintosh platform. Flagship packages such as Digidesign’s Pro-Tools and Logic Audio and Marc of the Unicorn aka MOTU Digital Performer software. This additionally gave Macs a completely huge gain within the platform sport. The simplest trouble with the Mac platform is that it became very high-priced to sign up for the club. You first had to acquire the laptop then purchase the software programs and additional stand on my own instruments you will use. I am talking a variety of cash right here.


A few years ago no self-respecting digital musician could be caught lifeless the use of a PC to create a tune. But numerous things have changed considering that then to make the PC a very feasible choice for the budding electronic musician.

The first element is software program makers began making their merchandise for both systems. This intended you may now use flagship packages on your PC that is a completely vital step toward bridging the distance. The subsequent thing really worth mentioning is the rate. PC computers are ways less costly than Macs. You can get a very fast PC nowadays with lots of Ram, Hard power space and a pleasant sound card for below $800. You virtually can’t find a Mac PC with all the bells and whistles for that little money. So that is very appealing to many musicians.

Another be aware of interest is the truth that some software program packages consisting of Sony’s Acid and Fruity Loops are music programs that are very inexpensive which is made simplest for the PC platform. There are a number of different applications as nicely that are financed friendly for PC musician additionally.

In the case, it actually is up in your individual choice and your budget. I endorse speak me with different musicians and ask what they use and why. Then exit and down load a few software packages for a laugh. Most provide a loose demo that you can mess around with to get a feel for how it sounds and works.


The debate Mac vs PC rages on the grounds that almost the dawn of time. Many Mac customers suppose as Apple a religion and might follow Steve Jobs to stop of the world. Obviously, this article isn’t written for these people, however, greater for the PC consumer who is taking into consideration switching to a Mac.

First of all, I am self-employed and I use an application this is owned by means of Apple for paintings. I can simplest run it on a Mac. So I just ordered my 3rd Mac computer. Also, in the 80s, my first computer became a Macintosh SE.

Also, like many others, I have been a PC consumer seeing that Windows 95 and I used almost all of the version of this operating machine, consisting of a few server versions.

In short, my recommendation is Go for a Mac simplest if you have a software that handiest runs on it.

Doing Photoshop on Mac is throwing cash out the window.

Don’t get me wrong Mac OS X may be very great gadget… Primarily based on Unix, which may be very first-rate if you have to have interaction with Linux machines.

But a Mac will value you 1.5 times the rate of a computer with the same hardware. Furthermore, due to the fact Apple has a monopoly on all of the hardware that could run MacOS X, it’s more difficult to get a solution that fit precisely your needs.

Many will tell you that you cannot catch an endemic on a Mac. While it is real that Macs are much less at risk of capture them, hackers are growing more and more viruses for Mac as their popularity is rising.

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