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Centralized Versus Distributed Computing in Organizations

Organizations have gone through cycles of disbursed computing, centralized computing and lower back to allotted computing. Most businesses are not positive whether to put in force dispensed or centralized computing and others who already have existing centralized structure are wondering whether to migrate to distributed computing or to maintain each the allotted and centralized computing. The preference in maximum a hit agency is to keep and preserve their authentic mainframe infrastructure even as making an investment in the dispensed purchaser server computing. Centralized databases can be operated in both centralized or dispensed computing surroundings.

Cringley (1993) found that in 1980 that all corporate computing resided inside the principal computer room as typified by the mainframe while by 1987, ninety five percent of corporate energy laid in the table top non-public computers (PCs ) which have been linked to a community to percentage printers, electronic mail and information. Security might be harder to keep in a customer server environment than in a mainframe centralized environment. Mainframe computers do not have graphical user interface, which makes the PCs associated with the distributed computing more consumer pleasant.

Farber (2002) opines that for business communicating to one hundred,000 personnel who paintings carefully, the greater centralized framework makes sense. On the opposite hand, if an enterprise intends to liberate the potential of employees to talk with one another and collaborate outside and inside the organization, distributed computing could be preferred.According to Vizard M. (2001) the ultimate solution to the controversy between centralized as opposed to disbursed computing fashions is to mix the great of both fashions. This means that the statistics and the humans the use of the facts should be dispensed while the equipment needed to control the data should be centralized. Substantial progress is being made in this computing direction of mixing both modes.

Schuff & St.Louis (2001) argue that the choice of an IT department pick out centralized or decentralized answer depends on the bandwidth availability, application modularity which deals with the size of the software program and the uniformity of an employer’s work station configuration. Centralization is exceptional if the company’s problem is reliability and maintainability however if flexibility, user pleasure, empowerment, customized software wishes are the troubles then the disbursed computing can be preferred.

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Dr. Austin Umezurike is an experienced Information Technology management representative with extra than 15 years experience in commercial enterprise generation consulting. He has particular revel in in utilizing the mix of generation and business to acquire organizational and enterprise leadership in era and to advantage competitive advantage. His pursuits consist of Organizational IT method, Organizational assessment, Business IT alignment, ERP implementation, Outsourcing/Sourcing, Supply Chain management, SAP, Microsoft dynamics, IT Audit/Compliance, schooling and new enterprise development strategies.

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