How to Use WordPress for Project Management

I hear information about numerous amazing options for task control apps/software in the arena of freelancers. Seemingly the most famous being Basecamp. I took Basecamp for a 30-day test force. It is truly a terrific tool for venture collaboration with clients. Still, as a WordPress person, I couldn’t help; however, I feel like I changed into sitting at the maximum customizable undertaking management tool I ought to find possibly.


At first, my idea turned into going to get off easy and finding the correct app for what I wanted, a simple web page where customers could visit, see and edit duties and examine progress. I attempted CollabPress and Ndizi, and WP Project… Nothing suit just right. I failed to want my clients to must log in as a consumer. I wanted email notifications when a venture became delivered. I had exact ideas of the look, experience, and capability I was hoping for. Well, pointless to say, after quite a few installations and exploration of each one’s functions, I decided to create it myself. I do not mean to construct my very own app, but extra like patching together pieces to fit my imagination and prescient.


You can create your own undertaking control website to suit your unique desires, but this became my procedure, and the stairs I took: I started utilizing growing person pages for each patron. I chose a page template in my subject expressly for my client pages to upload certain items to the sidebar that would be used for all clients. Inputting in every web page, I selected to password guard each page. This alternative may be observed in the right-hand toolbar below the heading “Publish,” there is a visibility option set to “public” by using the default. However, it can be edited to be password blanketed.

As the introduction of these pages developed, I found out that the possibilities were significant. I stumbled upon this educational and is the reason a way to set up Dropbox Uploader onto your page. It took a bit bit of playing with, but now customers can upload files at once on their page inside my site, and documents are automatically brought to my Dropbox folder. This removes the need to share Dropbox folders and forces clients to join up if they aren’t already. (As a side note, I changed into the simplest able to upload the script to the sidebar after the PHP Code Widget plugin was set up.) The subsequent addition to my client’s web page turned into a remark container for venture communications and notes. I already use the Discus remark machine, so I determined to feature a comment field to the sidebar using the shortcode [commentbox] in a textual content widget. I hope to reduce the gads of emails in my inbox that pile up and get lost in a sea of messages handiest to be determined after unnecessarily losing time looking at my inbox for specific emails. You recognize what I’m speaking to me approximately!


Now for the beef of the web page and the motive, I set out on this undertaking to start with… I wanted a technique for submission of obligations. After a few more trying to find a to-do listing plugin, I ended up growing a form in Google Drive with the subsequent fields: undertaking description (paragraph text), priority (multiple desire), assigned to (a couple of choices), and desired of entirety date. Separate paperwork should be created for every customer so that responsibilities are funneled into man or woman spreadsheets. Once the shape has been created, you can find the choice to embed it underneath the “More Actions” tab. Grab the iframe code, paste it into your WordPress page, and now you have a task submission form. Within the spreadsheet settings, you could choose to get hold of an email every time a form response is received. If you want to send notifications to the patron, you will first have to select to share the spreadsheet, locating the drop-down menu underneath the record tab. Once they’ve usual, you could pick out to email collaborators at whenever with the choice of attaching the spreadsheet or truly to notify them of tasks assigned to them. Once the spreadsheet changed into setting up to my liking, I it on the consumer web page below the task submission form so that the clients can view a list of the tasks and their repute. For projects wherein time is tracked, I actually have delivered a discipline for this and utilized the sum function in Google Drive so the customer can see a strolling tally of their time-to-date. You can visit Google’s aid page for extra extensive tutorials to create and embed paperwork and different documents.


In keeping with the Google spirit, I additionally created a Google calendar for every patron and have this embedded on the page so clients can see any vital cut-off dates or activities at a look. More guidance on the usage of Google calendars on this capability can be discovered right here. I plan to feature other additions to the pages are hyperlinks to essential documents together with our agreement and regulations and approaches, copies of invoices, and a hyperlink to PayPal to pay invoices. I might also want to play around with the style of the iframes to make the whole thing a little prettier and more regular with my web page’s fashion, however inside the intervening time, and I am brilliantly excited to be using this principle are to communicate with my customers AND maintain myself organized. So far, I have been thrilled with the functionality of all the components, and I am searching ahead to the evolution of the web page as I grow and analyze over time. I clearly hope this is advantageous to you and feel unfastened to remark with thoughts and questions or tell us about your own systems for challenge control and purchaser communications.

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