Why WordPress is All You Need For Your Blog and Marketing

If you are interested Page Papi  in blogging or recognize some thing about blogs you they’ve probably come across WordPress. It is one of the maximum popular running a blog structures, and hundreds of thousands of people use it across the world to create and manipulate their blogs.

Great – however how true IS WordPress and why is it so famous?

1. First of all it is loose. This has ensured its recognition with many humans, specially so due to the fact it is so powerful and is very easily custom designed, unlike a few steeply-priced paid blogging systems.

2. WordPress is extremely smooth to put in. Pretty tons all of us (even ‘non-techies’) can set up WordPress with the minimum of fuss, even in case you’ve by no means performed it earlier than. There are also many tutorials available which guide you thru the procedure, and due to the fact it’s so famous there is lots of assist available online should you get caught with anything.

3.There are heaps of themes available, so it is very easy to make your WordPress blog look exactly the way you need it to. Choose from the lots of unfastened and paid subject matters which are to be had to down load, or get your own custom subject matter created. Once you have your subject matter it is an absolute doddle to put in and alternate it.

Four.You can take advantage of the heaps of widgets and plugins which might be out there. You can make your weblog do pretty a lot something you need it to, and once more many of them are completely unfastened.

Five.YOU personal your weblog. Unlike a service which includes Blogger where your weblog is honestly hosted on someone else’s server, with WordPress you very own your blog. Nobody can come alongside and shut it down or close your account.

6.Search engines love WordPress, and it’s miles very clean to get your blog into the listings. There are many widgets and simple ‘tweaks’ which you could do to make sure your blog receives indexed through the search engines like google and yahoo in a totally brief area of time.


An even as ago our WordPress based totally website become hacked and code inserted into the core WordPress and subject matter files. The code become meant to redirect traffic to a malware website online, but even this became damaged and it just killed our website online alternatively.

Although we are a small commercial enterprise, we strive and organize ourselves just like the large boys with our method to generation wherein it makes sense to accomplish that. We won’t have a protection tracking center and a group of device directors strolling backups however we take the underlying standards and practice them to our needs.

Our website was offline at the same time as we recovered and in some hours we had been again on line once more with no damage accomplished. We have been moderately organized for such an eventuality and considering this incident we have documented our recovery procedure to reduce the time and simplify the system.

Unfortunately, it’s far a reality of existence that positive site visitors for your web page have malicious motive and the flexibility and richness of modern internet systems supply hackers many alternatives to make the most.

What to do if you have been hacked?

Bright-Colorful-WordPress-Blog-Theme.jpg (1296×771)

There is hundreds of advice on Google but basically, perform the subsequent. Some may name this overkill however we prefer to replace the whole thing with an easy configuration.

This will with a bit of luck go back your site to how it became pre-hack. Obviously, there is no magic here, simply common sense and backups. Back up as frequently as you want to, we do it each day. A scripted backup process takes care of the WordPress documents, themes, media and plugins and we use a neat WordPress plugin called ‘WP DB Backup’ to run a scheduled daily backup and send us the result.

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