10 Most Popular Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is Try Know an first rate CMS for SEO, as the web sites and online packages based on it often have better ranks. There are a variety of plugins available to feature to the SEO well worth of your WordPress site, and sitemap plugins are considered one of them. In this write up, we speak 10 most famous sitemap plugins for WordPress, like:

1:- Google XML Sitemaps
Compatible as much as: 3.5.1

Google XML sitemaps is a very popular sitemap plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, users can without difficulty generate a special XML sitemap. The generated sitemap will allow engines like google to index the websites or weblog in higher way.

2:-NextGEN Gallery
Compatible up to: 3.Five.1

NextGEN Gallery is every other famous sitemap plugin for WordPress that has hundreds of options and capabilities. This plugin offers aid for XML Sitemaps; it allows the including of Images to sitemaps. The photo addition project is done with the assist of any other plugin.

WordPress search engine marketing through Yoast
Compatible as much as 3.Five.1

WordPress SEO is a totally popular WordPress plugin that helps in sitemap era. This plugin keeps the XML Sitemaps functionality that is frequently touted as the maximum advanced one, nearly seen nowhere else in the WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, the sitemap is without difficulty created and regarding notification is despatched to Google & Bing.

Search engine optimization
Compatible as much as 3.2.1

search engine marketing is a totally powerful WordPress plugin this is used for sitemap related purposes. Using this plugin, XML Sitemaps might be easily created for a website or weblog. It also enables with different search engine optimization associated capabilities like Title & Meta optimization, Linking and many others. Installing this plugin will be the first step to decorate a site’s search engine marketing.

Mingle Forum
Compatible as much as three.Five.1

Mingle Forum is a famous WordPress plugin that allows simple and easy putting up of a discussion board on the existing web site or blog. Using this plugin, the discussion board’s XML web site map might be generated pretty easily.

Simple Google Sitemap XML
Compatible as much as 3.Three.2

Simple Google Sitemap XML is most of the maximum famous WordPress plugins for the sitemap. Using this plugin, a valid Google XML sitemap can be effortlessly generated. The generated sitemap can be actually used with Google’s Webmaster Tools. By having this plugin, there may be no want to create sitemap manually because the venture of sitemap technology is carried out automatically.

All in One Webmaster
Compatible up to: 3.6-Beta1

All in One Webmaster is a beneficial WordPress plugin this is known for its hundreds of functions and options. Using this plugin, customers can easily do sitemap submission to some principal SERPs like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Apart from the sitemap submission alternative, it additionally gives the facility of Manual HTML Header and the Footer.

WP Realtime Sitemap
Compatible up to: 3.2.1

WP Realtime Sitemap is every other popular WordPress plugin that enables with the sitemap and its generations. Using this plugin, a domain would without problems show pages, posts, files and so forth as a sitemap. It creates a format this is without difficulty readable; the layout created with the aid of this plugin may not even want both the template amendment or HTML skills.

PC Robots.Txt
Compatible up to 3.2.1

PC Robots.Txt is every other beneficial WordPress plugin for the sitemap motive. Using this plugin, a blog’s virtual robots.Txt report is automatically created. This plugin can locate XML sitemap file; the robots.Txt document gets a reference on this regards soon afterwards.


Top-10-WordPress-plugins-for-Blogger.jpg (1300×700)
Compatible as much as three.Five.1

A sitemap is another famous WordPress plugin associated with numerous sitemap related capability. Using this plugin, customers can show list of pages with the help of brief codes

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