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Four Ways to Transform Your Ordinary Car into an Armored Car

From being introduced to safeguard the military personnel during the war to protecting the valuables and dignitaries, armored vehicles have come a long way. They have become a popular choice amongst people due to their versatility and commendable ability to keep the transported individuals and/or contents safe at all times.

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The concept of an armored vehicle is nothing new. It has been there for ages, and due to its innumerable benefits, you are witnessing that expanded usage till now. Today, even the regular civilians shift to armored cars to travel through risky zones and keep themselves and their family members safe from unforeseen threats. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to buy an armored vehicle to enjoy that level of security. If you have a suitable vehicle, you can armor it depending upon the level of protection required. And since armored cars offer a discreet security style, it would be almost impossible to distinguish them from regular cars. So, if you are anyhow interested in transforming your highly vulnerable ordinary car into a secured moving vehicle, here are a few ways to help you:

Bulletproof the Body

If you talk about armored SUVs or limousines that are used for VIPs and government officials, the bodies of these vehicles are designed specifically to withstand bullet or explosive attacks and extreme temperatures. Thus, consider replacing the doors, pillars, posts, side panels, front quarter panels, kick panels with the ones made of galvanized ballistic steel. This unique material will keep the corrosion at bay and provide the highest protection level to the occupants.

Bulletproof the Tires

Armored cars are specially equipped with bulletproof tires or run-flat tires to prevent the vehicles from stopping or coming to a screeching halt in case of tire burst or blowout and let them continue to stay in motion for a few kilometers at a pretty good speed. Considering the rise of terrorism and other security threats worldwide, you can also reinforce your tires with run-flat equipment and escape the place of danger without much harm.

Bulletproof the Glass

Whether it is the window, windshield, or rear window, the glass used in armored cars is commendably bullet resistant. It meets the highest standards of quality and safety and is so thick that even a B7 bullet cannot penetrate inside the car. So, replace all the ordinary glass parts with bulletproof ones to stop the attackers’ target on the passengers. There is no need to worry; these glasses won’t hamper the driver’s ability to see the road.

Armor the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank systems in armored cars are usually bullet-resistant and fire-resistant. They are reinforced with ballistic steel and designed so that they don’t catch fire even during an attack or collision. So, if you live in the area of high tension where the fear of bullets always revolves around, replace your fuel tank with an upgraded armored model integrated with bladder technology to prevent any leakage or fire.

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