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Tips to Overcome the Fear of Driving

Getting a driver’s license is a big deal and brings lots of excitement, but the thought of actually getting out on the road can turn out to be terrifying for some people. For new drivers, the thought of potential dangers on the road or the assessment process brings anxiety and stress.

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Learning to drive is a difficult experience that involves a lot of pressure and it is even more terrifying for those who have not taken a driver training. It is common for new drivers to feel anxious and nervous about driving. For some people studying for the written test seems a daunting task, while for others, the driving test sounds frightening. So, if you are learning to drive and feeling nervous, here’s some practical advice for you to drive with confidence.

1. Identify the cause

Find out what makes you nervous. By identifying the causes of stress and anxiety, you can better tackle the problem and overcome the fear. You can seek the help of your instructor or an experienced driver to tackle your problem, such as tips on smooth and safe roundabouts and driving on the highway. Practice more what makes you nervous.

2. Ignore impatient drivers

Usually, drivers and motorists on the roads keep a distance from learning drivers. However, you will always find some impatient drivers on the road. It is very important to ignore such errant drivers and keep calm. Never let other drivers pressure you.

3. Avoid night driving at first

For new and nervous drivers, it is best to drive at daytime and in good weather in the beginning. It is good to avoid night driving until you are more used to driving by yourself because night driving is comparatively difficult. At night, people, animals, and other vehicles are less visible. Therefore, first overcome your fears of driving during the daytime, and then hit the road at night.

4. Take a Driver’s Training Course

Nervousness and anxiety is usually a result of lack of proper training. New drivers are unsure of their driving skills because they have not taken a training course. The driver’s training courses enable people to learn driving skills. It gives confidence when you know that you have an experienced driver with you if anything wrong were to happen. With these courses, driving students get actual driving time behind the wheel and a professional instructor sits beside them for guiding.

5. Find the right instructor

Make sure to find a compatible driving instructor, whose teaching style works well with you. Find out an instructor with a credible reputation and someone who you feel comfortable around. This is important because your instructor will be with you during the whole learning process and you must feel comfortable enough to communicate with them to progress further. In case you’re not satisfied with your instructor, don’t be afraid to change.

6. Learn Highway Driving

It is absolutely normal to have fear of highway driving. Even those who drive confidently on local roads find it terrifying to drive on multiple lane highways. Therefore, it is best to start practicing highway driving from those that are not multi-lane and are lesser used.


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