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Not lengthy in the past, a chum of mine despatched me an email soliciting my opinion on whether or not a website he became growing needs to be finished using WordPress, LAMP, or ASP.NET. I’ve used all of those; however, I have continually been so centered on the information and mastering them that I never definitely concept approximately the excellent query of “What era ought to be used for a given web page?”. That is the sort of suitable question that I decided to position my thoughts on paper and provide a few schooling to others.

Web Site Technology

Some human beings do not have the capabilities and ability to select the maximum suitable technology virtually. They understand one element, and this is going should be made to paintings in all cases. That’s now not necessarily terrible, but it is great to switch between technologies primarily based on the site’s form. The vital factor in realizing website improvement is that one generation does not stay healthy at all.


I have several net sites currently jogging WordPress. I initially thought of WordPress as only a running a blog platform. While this is virtually its principal use and optimized, you could definitely use it to create a more “traditional” looking web site. It may be very configurable, and there are tons of custom plug-ins to be had that could assist you in adding RSS feeds, search engine optimization tags, balloting, etc. Since WordPress is advanced using PHP and MySQL, it’s also feasible to create your very own plugins and personalize your website’s online template. Oh, and that’s the different surprisingly superb element about WordPress — the templates! There are literally hundreds of loose WordPress templates available for download. If you cannot locate one that fits your website’s subject matter, you aren’t looking difficult sufficient.

Another excellent factor approximately WordPress is that you can, without problems, discover net web hosting companies that guide WordPress. In most instances, you can click on a deploy link and have WordPress nicely established on your website in a few seconds. Then you visit the WordPress admin console and configure your website. It is all very smooth. You can upload more than one template and, without problems, switch among them. Likewise, it is soft to make minor modifications to the templates (like changing tag strains, hues, and so forth.).

Web Site Technology

WordPress’s other benefit is running a blog platform, and the search engines like google love blogs. You can configure your WordPress deploy to routinely ping one or extra blogging offerings whenever you upload a new submit or web page. In that manner, they understand your website has changed and that they must come index your website again if you want your website online to be found, then the usage of WordPress as the underlying engine is a good option.


In case you do not know, LAMP stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, which’s a completely commonplace and powerful set of technology additives used for constructing net sites (and did I point out absolutely Open Source and loose!). If you want complete control over your net web site, then LAMP is a great alternative. There are plenty of examples, flexible scripts, and so forth. To be had on the net site to help you get started. There are also lots of free editors and equipment to help you along. The drawback of the LAMP is that its miles difficult with a purpose to create your very own development “environment.” Since most folks run some taste of Windows as our desktop running gadget, we’d want to apply something like VMWare or Virtual PC to create a virtual device going for walks Linux. The next project is getting all the additives properly mounted. While the installers for the LAMP additives have truly advanced, they nevertheless do not evaluate the ease of installing a Windows-based application.

The next undertaking with the LAMP is debugging. It could be quality if we all wrote ideal code, but you need the capability to debug. There are PHP debuggers available. An appropriate one is going to cost you some cash, even though. One of the first-class things about the LAMP is that there are TONS of web hosting vendors obtainable, which you will pick from. The reason is quite simple — LAMP is completely open-source, so there’s a minimal fee for the website hosting employer to endure. That method extra margin for them!


Microsoft’s contribution to net web page development is ASP.NET. You can use any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, Python.NET, and so forth.) to develop an ASP.NET-based totally website online. In my opinion, the pleasant factor about ASP.NET is the truth you can use Microsoft Visual Studio for your development device. Visual Studio is the best tool obtainable. Yes, it prices cash, but you definitely get what you pay for. The different excellent factor about ASP.NET is that you could quickly expand your Windows-based totally desktop or pc.

Web Site Technology

It is harder to find a precise ASP.NET hosting issuer. Believe me; I’ve appeared! And I’ve used numerous exclusive ones. The ASP.NET carriers lag behind the LAMP providers in terms of what they offer. You also want to be cautious and really apprehend the provider method via things like “host limitless # of domains.” In many instances, they imply you could have a vast # of domain names factor to your single internet website online. That probably is not what you want.

I mentioned the usage of Visual Studio earlier. That device is wonderful and makes development SOOOO an awful lot less complicated. I did pretty much action on the LAMP use and was given some sites up and jogging. I used Eclipse with a PHP plug-in, and it worked pretty excellently. I didn’t have Apache walking or Linux, so I couldn’t actually debug, but I nonetheless controlled. When it got here time to create a more superior internet website; however, I fast decided to exchange over to ASP.NET and use Visual Studio. Debugging became a snap. The coding was made much simpler to Intellisense and Visual Studio’s ability to “import” net offerings and lead them to more comfortable for me to call from my code.

Making the Right Choice

Each of the technology options has execs and cons. If you need to get a website up quickly and show necessary information (textual content, photos, video), WordPress is a terrific option. If you want an extra advanced web website but don’t need to spend lots of money on development gear, then LAMP is the first-rate preference. Finally, if you have already got Visual Studio or understand .NET programming, then ASP.NET is a good option. If you’re sincerely lucky and might recognize all 3, then you can use the right tool for the process regardless of what.

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