Why WordPress Is the Answer for Low Cost Web Design

1. WordPress is FREE… Or very less expensive

Before we begin, to keep any confusion, there are versions of WordPress – and both are unfastened.WordPress.Com is a hosted model. It’s a great introduction to the WordPress platform and best for running basic websites, although it has its limitations. However, it’s absolutely unfastened to apply – you genuinely go to the WordPress dot com internet site and join up. You’ll get a domain name like my site dot WordPress dot com so the most effective price worried is if you want to shop for your very own domain.

However, once you have your head around the hosted model you might discover yourself trying more… And this is where the.Org, self-hosted version comes into play.The software continues to be unfastened however you will want to buy some web space to host it on, which charges something from about £30 upwards, and a domain name, that’s just a few pounds a year for a.Co.Uk. You’ll also need to install the software (though many net hosts will try this for you). But in terms of economic prices, that is it.wordpress

2. WordPress grows with you

For the general public, their first revel in of WordPress is the.Com model. It’s clean to get right of entry to and use. There’s no complex set up or backing up to do, your website online is saved across several servers and the software program enhancements automatically. It can even mechanically sort real remarks from the spam! Adding pages, posts and converting content material is simple too, although the dashboard can take a chunk of getting used to. There are obstacles on what you may do with it even though. There are simplest about a hundred templates, you can not edit or customize them, you can not add plugins and so forth. But it is simple to get started, specifically if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty!

You might be satisfied with the hosted version, however, once you’ve discovered your way around WordPress you may want to do more with it, and that is when human beings switch to the.Org model. This model has thousands of topics available, each loose and premium, and you could edit the code on which your website online is constructed to make it unique. You can transfer your present.Com site across so that you don’t lose the content, and it uses the same consumer-pleasant dashboard. You must be ways extra seasoned-energetic even though – you want to put in plugins to do among the matters the.Com model did robotically. But with tens of hundreds of plugins available, in place of using a “one size suits all” solution you can discover the only that works perfectly for you and your web page. As you apprehend more about how WordPress works, you may discover yourself delving into the code to alternate the entirety approximately your website online, from the fonts and colorings to the manner every man or woman web page presentations. It’s not constantly honest, and it may be downright frustrating, but the appearance on it as an adventure of discovery, with the correct internet site waiting for the quit!

3. WordPress can be a crew undertaking

The trouble with web layout software which includes DreamWeaver and WebPlus is that it is established domestically, on one computer. Fine if only one man or woman is accountable for the website, however not so right if you are running collaboratively or you need with a view to replacing your website from home and the PC is at work. Because WordPress is web-based totally, you may get entry to it anyplace you’re, and you can install more than one money owed so different members of your team can edit it too. You can set one of a kind tiers of getting admission to so humans can only edit their personal posts, or can edit, upload and exchange all the content but no longer get at the subject matter files. There are even plugins available that can help you set specific movements for every unmarried individual who can get entry to your website.design

4. WordPress isn’t always pretty much blogging

Though WordPress changed into first of all created as a blogging platform, it’s become lots extra now and is regularly used as a content material management device. Rather than having a website and separate blog, you may combine them into one site. You can create static pages in addition to weblog-fashion ones, add touch forms, forums, gallery, directories and extra. You do not even need to use posts in any respect, and there are templates to be had as a way to make your website look genuinely not anything like a weblog!design

5. WordPress has masses of assist

Ever sold a few software program, stumble upon a hassle and no longer be capable of discovering the answer? Frustrating is not it! The extremely good thing approximately WordPress is that there are lots of assists available. The authentic websites – both.Com and.Org – have detailed documentation on each issue and very active boards in which you may ask questions. You’ll also locate that plenty of the themes and plugins have their own support groups too. If you get stuck, just Google the problem and the chances are the solutions could be accessible!



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