NFL Games You Should Try

Even if you are not an NFL fan, you might find some games interesting because they’re much different than the most popular sports games like FIFA. You are figuring out the tactics and having a career mode with only one player you control is amazing. But a few games seem similar but have a different feel.

On the other hand, if you are a fan, you probably know about Madden, the most popular football game in the world, which has been here for over a decade. Most NFL fans play these games, but after some time, it may be a bit boring to do everything all over again, and you might want to switch. As you change your NFL free picks, you would also change the things that seem boring after a while.

There are two types of games regarding the NFL; one of them is licensed by the league, and the rest can be considered fan-made if the fan is a gaming company. But, even if some of them aren’t approved by the NFL, they are a great alternative to Madden and other top games.

NFL Madden Games

John Madden's videogame legacy with his EA Sports franchise | Marca

Madden is the most popular NFL game of all time, but it doesn’t mean everyone will love it. It’s been here for a while, and representing the developers and design teams did an amazing job. The new versions might not suit everyone, which is why some hardcore fans favor the old 2005 version, but this is the same with FIFA fans.

This NFL-licensed game is almost a closed market because of EA sports. They are constantly adding new features, and one of the best tips when playing the career mode is to try multiple roles simultaneously. Playing only QB can be boring, so try out every part to see what is the most fun.

NFL Blitz Arcade

NFL Blitz Legends brings back NFL Blitz without the illegal hits - The Washington Post

According to many dedicated fans, NFL Blitz is the most fun game because you have mods that aren’t available in Madden. It can’t come near the quality that some top NFL games have, and the plays could be made better, but the overall feel is amazing, according to players.

It was a licensed game at some point, but when EA decided to take all the rights, they had no options except to make virtual teams that would look like the NFL teams. The expansions didn’t receive a lot of purchases, but they have many positive reviews from those that played them.


ESPN NFL 2K5 - GameSpot

NFL 2K was made back in the days when EA wasn’t the exclusive gaming partner for the NFL, but it made huge headlines considering that it was an ESPN collaboration. This was amazing to watch in 2004, but a new release happened in 2022 with many features and great graphics. This means they will implement the voices of popular ESPN broadcasters and a field vision as you would have on a TV.

The biggest problem happened when EA got the licereleasehad to exclude manyfessional players. We might see this game’s return, but it won’t this game’s return, but it’s its title.

NFL Head Coach

Football Coach: the Game on Steam

When we talk about new games that have a different perspective from what we are used to seeing out of sports games, NFL Head Coach is probably the best option, similar to Football Manager for soccer. In games like this, you would take a coach’s perspective and everything he has to do to build a great team.

Because gaming is more advanced now than a decade ago when first manager games were available, it’s made in a 3D world. You can visit different locations where you will discuss the strategy, players, and competition. Football is a strategy game, so it might be fun to try it out.

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