Steps To Optimize a High Traffic WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the satisfactory content control machine (CMS) for running a blog. And the pleasant aspect approximately WordPress is, it’s far loose and open source, yet effective. It has dedicated developing network which develops plugins and subject matters. And in step with Wikipedia, WordPress stocks over 12% of one.000.000 biggest websites on the net. This makes WordPress unbeatable on this form of CMS.traffic

But like a double-edged sword, WordPress so effective but additionally sources sucker. More complex the system, and greater resources taking it will be. If it is just a plain WordPress set up, it does not take a lot of sources. But if you add increasingly plugins and extra complicated themes, then it’s going to take a lot of sources. So why not uninstall all the plugins then?

Let’s come what’s the WordPress plugins for. The WordPress plugins intention is to prolonged the WordPress center function with to add greater functions to the WordPress. Since WordPress plugins evolved via a network or private developer, now not all WordPress plugins are top. Most of them are lifeless initiatives or abandon projects. And this can make many problems to the WordPress weblog itself. And high CPU load is one of them.

Low visitors WordPress weblog normally might not make issues with high CPU load or high memory usage. But in terms of high visitors blog, you need to think about the CPU load and reminiscence usage. Otherwise, your weblog will slow down and worst your account may be suspended. Getting suspended is certainly horrific experience, you misplaced visitors, and that’s now not excellent for your web page SEO.

Follow the tips beneath to optimize your excessive visitor’s blog:

1. Plugins
WordPress plugins machine is one of the maximum effective function from WordPress. Developers or the community can without difficulty make plugins to extend WordPress characteristic. Beside its smooth to use API, it also has entire API documentation. And there are a lot of samples and articles on the net a way to increase a WordPress plugin. But that is the double part function. Even it’s far powerful, not all plugins are accurate. Some of them are dead venture or discontinue, and worse it leaves protection holes on your WordPress weblog. So my idea is, reduce the usage of WordPress plugins. Use only the tremendously endorsed (high rating and maximum download) and live plugins (now discontinued). Always take a look at plugin on your dummy website earlier than you add on your live website online. One mistake could convey catastrophe on your website online. So choose carefully.wordpress

2. Themes
WordPress templates/topics gadget additionally one of the great characters of WordPress. You can alternate issues and customize it effortlessly. And there are masses of issues loose or top class topics you may locate. I suggest you use simple, easy to study and exquisite issues for your excessive traffic weblog. Because if your themes are complicated, it’ll take more assets to your server. For example, sliding featured submit, this is a superb feature for a person. But now not for server load. Minimize your topics (CSS, picture, and javascript), so it’s going to optimize your server load.

3 Optimize Script
Script Optimization way, delete the pointless script and changed to optimize script set of rules. Scripts blanketed personal home page, CSS, sq. And javascript. Check your script execution time, and to optimize, optimize and optimize.

4. Use Cache mechanism
This is one of the most vital components you need to have for high traffic blog, Caching mechanism. There are the lot of WordPress plugin to do caching. There are four caching mechanism: database caching, page caching, memory caching and object caching. Database and Page caching that you need to have. There are a few plugins to try this, however, I rather advise to install DB cache reloaded and hyper cache. These 2 plugins would be great for caching mechanism.

5. Host pics on any other server or use cdn
Host your images on some other server or use cdn may be better. Host photos on another server or CDN will reduce your server CPU load. Imagine if you have 1k images stored on your server. And you need to serve 10k site visitors an afternoon. This will take your CPU assets, and the end result in your site will reaction slower. Beside pics, you could host CSS and javascript documents too on every other server or CDN.

6. Analyze your site visitors
Use and analyze your analytic or visitors tracking application. I propose Google analytics and Awstats. Google analytics to research your visitor’s sources, daily site visitors, and many matters. And from this records you can make the decision where you have to host your website, for example, most your traffic is come from the US, then host your web page interior US. And examine your visitors with Awstats (to be had on Cpanel), to discover much fewer visitors hours. And you need to do your backup or replace in this hours.

7. Optimize database and backup regularly
Optimize database, is likewise important, if you have masses of statistics on your MySql database, it’ll make overhead statistics. So you want to often optimize your database to maintain your MySql database performance. And You ought to back up your database frequently, for disaster prevention.blog

8. Upgrade to VPS
At final, whilst you get 5K visitors per day, you don’t have some other option but pass for VPS (Virtual Private Server). Buy the smallest or medium VPS just for a beginner. And later as your website online developing, upload more resources to your VPS.