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Advancement in ICT (Information Communication Technology, has made the sector to be considered as an international village. Regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated via an international network of conversation, transportation, and trade), the Computers gambling a primary position, on this integration.

This integration of regions or countries of the arena through this worldwide network has made the world to be like a big village, where various countries are like clans in this big village, while the Presidents of the various international locations are like heads of clans in this massive

Therefore as it’s far any aspect that impacts one extended family affects the alternative on this big village. This is what is really going on in our international of these days. A crisis in the Niger Delta of Nigeria affects the global rate of crude oil, travels, and so forth.

This joining together of countries in the international economically, through education, society and politics, and citizens viewing themselves now not best through their countrywide identification but also as part of the arena as a whole is what is Globalization.

Globalization is a technique of interplay and integration a few of the humans, groups, and governments of different countries, a technique driven by using a combination of financial, socio-tradition, politics, global change and investment and aided via ICT (Information Communication Technology), in which the Internet plays a chief role, thru the network of Computers cut throughout the globe or global

Globalization, has outcomes at the environment, on tradition, on political systems, on economic improvement and prosperity, and on human bodily properly-being in societies around the sector.

In our global today, there are few places a person cannot get to through telephone or the Internet. Because of current modes of conversation, residents of a state are more aware of the arena at huge and can be encouraged by way of other cultures in a diffusion of approaches.

Time and area rely upon less, and even language barriers are being conquered as people all over the international communicate thru exchange, social Internet boards, numerous media sources, and a ramification of different methods.

As an end result of globalization, the sector is considered as one Big Town or Village is known as a Global Village. And individuals of the Global Village are referred to as Global Community. One primary medium which has delivered humans of all nations nearer collectively is the Internet. The Internet is the networks of Computers all over the globe, which allow humans of the arena (Global Community), communicate with each different. The Internet is one part of ICT.knowledge

ICT has been the principal driving force of globalization. Advances in Information Technology, especially, have dramatically transformed monetary life. Information Technologies have given all sorts of individual monetary actors-clients, traders, businesses-treasured new equipment for identifying and pursuing financial possibilities, which includes faster and extra knowledgeable analyses of economic tendencies around the arena, clean transfers of assets, and collaboration with remote companions.

As you are reading this newsletter now, minds are communicating all over the world via the Internet, to acquire their dreams. Buying and Selling, School Admission and Registration, Airline Travel Booking, Research of any type, Banking, Emails, searching out Employment, Information, and so on, are all going on through the Internet.

Being Part of the Global Community

From the information above, no person in this present international can be successful if he’s she is not a member of the global community. To be a member of the global network, you should:

1. Be Computer Literate

2. Learn a way to use the Internet

three. Own a Personal Computer (Desktop or Laptop)

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is defined because of the know-how and ability to use Computers and technology successfully. Another valuable component of Computer literacy is understanding how Computers work and perform. This latter factor is for advanced customers or operators who may want to be Computer engineers. Knowing and having the ability to use Computers is milestone into the global community.

Why Is Computer Literacy Necessary?

There are a lot of things you may need the Computer for at once or not directly in this gifted age of ours. Either you operate it without delay or a person is using it on your behalf. Some motives why you have to be Computer literate areas indexed under:

1. When searching out a job, your employers require that you be Computer literate, as Computer will be a primary tool you’ll have to use.

2. In most locations of the enterprise, Computer is preferred. For instance, within the bank’s Computers are used for banking transactions and to appearance up purchaser’s account facts. In a few auto restore shop Computers are used to evaluate digital and different faults in automobiles.literacy

3. In faculties, Computers are used for pupil’s registration and admission, accounting, exams, and facts. School libraries are the database of books. No greater use of library playing cards.

Four. In a few Hospitals and Clinics affected person data are stored in Computers. Doctors must realize a way to retrieve such facts to deal with a patient.

5. To send or acquire electronic mails you need to discover ways to use the Computer and the Internet or you pay someone to do it for you.

This list is endless. It is on your fine hobbies to start studying to apply the private Computer now. It will help you get a process and it’ll assist you to boost in your profession.

Computer literacy does no longer imply you want to recognize how to use every unmarried piece of software you may come across. It does no longer suggest you want to understand how to write applications or community Computers. You simply need to know some fundamentals:

1. How to Start the Computer

2. How to apply the OS (Operating System) jogging on your Computer, Windows, Mac or Linux.

3. How to open Application Software consisting of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Create, Save and Open Files.

4. How to Exit or Close an Application Software and open every other.

Five. How to properly shutdown the Computer after usage.

6. How to use the Internet to Browse the Internet, send and acquire email.

7. How to listen to Music and play Video to your Computer.

Eight. How to deal with your PC (Personal Computer).

When you learn how to use the pc, you’ll have a few kind spot for it on your mind, when you come to comprehend how clean it is to apply the pc and the way beneficial its miles. Then the concern that it’s far impossible or difficult to learn how to use the computer might have been an aspect of the beyond.

I remember when I turned into teaching a very good pal of mine how to use the Microsoft Word and the Mouse. It did no longer come so clean. But due to the fact she had made up her mind to learn, it did not take time for her to start the use of the tools. One day I went to her office to see her, simply to find out that the typewriter she so much loved turned into beneath the desk. Then I ask her how is the mouse doing? And she smiled. Her master’s programme was on Computer Networking. This is the joy of getting to know how to use the PC.

How do you Become Computer Literate?

To end up Computer Literate, you have to attend a Computer Training School. There are all over the area. In such faculties, Basic Computer publications are presented. They are normally moderately priced, and you can workout time to research them. There are loose online publications inside the Internet if you do want to wait for any faculty. You can study from a cyber café, but a few frame need to must teach you. Some Cyber Café provide computer courses. Two free laptop courses online websites are.

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