The look of your face after you wear your eyeglasses depends on your eyeglasses itself. The shape, colour and design of your eyewear says a lot about you and can change your look entirely. While some eyeglasses look attractive in the optical shop, they might just look totally unflattering once you wear them. This might happen because of the unsuitability of the shape and style of the frame with your face shape and even skin tone.

All in all, there are various factors that play a significant role in deciding whether a particular pair of glasses will look good on you or not. To help you out in deciding which glasses to buy next, we have enlisted some notable points to consider while buying eyeglasses below –


The look of your glasses depends much upon the shape of your face. You first need to find out what shape is your face and then choose glasses accordingly.

OVAL SHAPE: An oval face shape is considered the most proportionate. The natural balance of an oval face shape should be complimented with eyeglass frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face. The frame should neither be too deep nor too narrow.

HEART SHAPE: To reduce the width of the top of a heart-shaped face, choose eyeglass frame shapes that are wider at the bottom. Frames which are thin and light-colored usually look flattering on heart-shaped faces. You can also try rimless frames that have a light, airy appearance to them.

SQUARE SHAPE: To soften the strong jaw and Broad forehead of a square shaped face, choose frames that tend to elongate the face shape. Try frames that are narrow make the face appear longer. Also, try frame styles that have more width than depth.

ROUND SHAPE: Round shaped faces require frames that make the face appear longer and thinner. Also, to make the face look angular, try narrow eyeglasses frame that lengthens the face shape. Also, wider frames should be preferred over deeper frames.


Skin tone also plays a part in deciding the look of your glasses. Different skin tones have different undertones. While fair skin has a cool undertone, darker skin has a warm undertone. Be careful and picky while choosing the colour of your eyewear. The colour should not be in direct contrast with your skin undertone but should be something that soothes it down or compliments it.


Hair colours are also categorized under warm or cool. While blond, platinum, blue-black, white, auburn, salt-and-pepper and ash brown are cool hair colours, warm hair colours include golden blond, brownish black and golden brown. Choose a frame colour that compliments your hair.


You must remember your profession while shopping for eyeglasses. You would not want to be caught wearing eyeglasses with a quirky frame while you are at a corporate job. To avoid such scenario from happening for real, remind yourself of your profession once you go shopping for your glasses. It is advised that you carry two different pairs of glasses– one of which could be for the sophisticated look of an employee, whereas the other one could be reserved for special occasions.


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