What Google Must Do to Make the Android Operating System the Best

The Android running gadget by way of Google has taken the arena through storm gave the energy of the device and its ability (arguably) to paintings with maximum hardware configurations. Due to its hardware alternatives, the Android system has pushed Samsung into the primary cellular smartphone logo inside the international unseating Nokia from their reign of number one cellular smartphone emblem within the world that lasted from 1998 to 2012.

So what did Android do right to get right here? The largest thing Androids designers did turn into sees the opportunity. Before Android, the cellular telephone marketplace had fundamental operating gadget gamers along with Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, and then came the iPhone.

Windows Mobile never worked nicely as powerful because it became. Symbian never was given the support it wanted and by no means caught on. Blackberry by no means progressed. The iPhone captured the marketplace on cool. The iPhone became built at the concept of an iPod with a cellular phone in it and speedily took over the cell global as THE hot tool to get.

No one cared that they had been locked into one cell smartphone provider, could not update the battery, 2G information carrier while 3G changed into nicely established, had to use iTunes for the entirety, could not paintings with multi-media messages, had no bodily keyboard, couldn’t add SD card reminiscence, you needed to pick out among 8gb or 16gb, the liquid damage signs were positioned on the out of doors and not in a covered area which includes the battery compartment, the $599 rate tag, no LED notifies and many others. Some of these issues are nonetheless in use at the iPhone today, however, none of it mattered in case you desired the brand new and greatest leisure tool. The iPhone wasn’t surely functional for work and was labeled as the most insecure device made on the time. This of the path has modified and IT men now consist of the iPhone on most employer’s server services.

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Creators of Android, The Open Handset Alliance led through Google, noticed this and took the opportunity to fill the void. An open source software program machine that might be the maximum versatile ever built that would be advanced upon by way of the network of cell smartphone users. The Android system may be used by any developer. Most hardware will work. Google offers out the gadget at no cost and pays for it with advertising. Any smartphone maker or cell phone service might also use the Android device. This is in stark contrast to the iPhones locked down and managed the system. These thoughts laid the foundation for fierce competition among Apple and Google. Competition is ideal for creativity, enterprise, and the quiet person.

The motives for the failure of Windows Mobile (no longer Windows Phone), Symbian, and now Blackberry has been a complete lack of guile, creativity, and resting on their laurels. All those systems had a first rate percentage of the market till iPhone began their downfall and Android made them obsolete.

Android is in a fierce war with iPhone to reign ultimate and both do with their attitude audiences. If Android desires to dominate they need to have a look at the very gradual enhancements manner that Apple has carried out due to the fact that 2007 and make a daring soar in fast and steady upgrades for the higher. Android needs to no long awareness on adding processor cores to a running device that does not have the capability of reading them, as found by Intel, but only put multi cores into up to date systems to be able to in reality see development. Make much less of a difference among the cellular cellphone and pill operating systems so the app keep will be greater purposeful for the tablet customers. Apple has now not accomplished this but Microsoft says they have got for Windows 8. Google have to now not be gambling seize up. Reduce the fragmentation. Currently, builders try for an 80% compatibility price with apps. iPhone apps paintings on all iPhones. Android may additionally have nearly as many apps as iPhone however you can’t use all of them. For all its faults Android is the most effective system with abilities ways past the iPhone but Google needs to get to work to preserve it that manner and improve the current structures operations. The contemporary work with the U.S. Government to create an extremely relaxed Android phone is a brilliant start.

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