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Where Should You Publish Your Executive Profile

While there are no hard-and-fast rules related to writing executive profiles, there seems to be a consensus as to where they should appear for the purpose of making them truly effective. Properly written executive profiles should go beyond serving as bios or resumes; they should give readers a glimpse of accomplishments, experience, thought leadership, and personal styles of doing business. With this in mind, not all profiles should include all the aforementioned elements; they should be tailored to the places where they are intended to be published.

Let’s say a business leader accepts an invitation to appear as a lecturer at a fashion industry conference; in this case, the profile published in the agenda should not read like a Wikipedia page. Likewise, the executive profiles found within the pages of a mutual fund prospectus are different from those published on LinkedIn. If you are an executive who wishes to get the most exposure in terms of search engine optimization, you should strive to publish your profile in as many websites as possible, but some are more effective than others in terms of appealing to certain readers.

While there is nothing wrong with maximizing the SEO potential of your executive profiles, you should always remember that the ultimate goal is to inform readers of who you are and what you can do based on what you have accomplished thanks to your entrepreneurial leadership. Here are some recommendations to help you boost your online executive profiles.

Company Websites

The Google search engine algorithm likes to see your profile posted on websites where you have an active role; to this effect, if you are on the board of various companies, you should include a profile in each of them. While you may have to apply different styles based on the philosophy of the business, a good strategy is to write an abbreviated profile along with an invitation for readers to click and read a longer version. The short profile can be a couple of paragraphs long and the long version can be an entire page complete with headings and bullet points.


This one is mandatory for all business executives in all industries. There was a time when LinkedIn profiles were mostly online resumes; however, things have changed considerably since Microsoft acquired this business social network, and there is a clear need for users to polish their profiles by closely following all the steps and suggestions provided by LinkedIn.



Similar to LinkedIn, this directory is a must for executives whose business careers include forays into technology and investigation. Check out this executive’s profile to get an idea of how information is compiled and displayed on Crunchbase; it starts off with a brief overview that jumps straight into investments before moving to positions held, executive roles, education, and news articles. A common recommendation given to executives who wish to post their profile on Crunchbase is to start off with LinkedIn and Twitter before polishing their presence on this particular site.

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