Top SEO Companies: How Much Should A Client Spend?

Conversations about SEO spending have caused some arguments over the years. Some feel that some services cost too much. Others think the price is very affordable considering the brand the user buys.

The questions every client has to ask top SEO companies:

  1. How much Do I want to spend?
  2. How much can I pay?
  3. How much should I pay?

To make the inarguable debate more arguably effective, there is a minor breakdown of various points the client should consider below.

Top SEO Companies: How Much Should A Client Spend? 1

Payment Methods

1) Some clients pay a monthly retainer. They produce an agreed-upon amount for the services they sign up for with their SEO provider. A lot of people argue that this model is a better option. Clients get everything they want for one fee.

2) some people prefer to do a contractual thing. They want something with a fixed fee. This is the step clients take before they decide to do things on retainer.

A typical example of this is the “audit services.” This will give the client some idea of what they will have with a retainer-based option.

3) Some clients like doing things on a project-by-project basis. The client tells the person about the project. They will agree on a fee based on how much work goes into the project.

4) The last one involved the hourly rate, depending on the project’s scope and size.

Which one is better?

The person needs to understand the underlying cots attached to each model to get an inside perspective.

1) Zach should prepare for an expensive investment if he chooses the retainer. Clients can pay anywhere between $750-5,000. It also depends on what the client needs and when. Some want information, while others want something more. Zach should consider all his options first.

Zach also needs to understand the $750 price tag comes with limited options. The $5,00 tag will come with everything under the sun.

FYI: Businesses spend between $2,000 and $ 5,000 monthly for SEO services. Whether or not Zach wants to pay that much is his choice.

2) Contract services operate a little differently. The prices are fixed, but they can also vary depending on the needed size and scope.

A site audit could cost Zach about $7,000 a month. His social media installation could cost him about $3,000 a month, maybe less if his social media is smaller in scale.

3) The project-based agreements will get more expensive. Some have been known to cost clients $30,0000, more or less.

4) Those who opt for the hourly rate should be prepared to pay between $100-300 an hour. The more experienced SEO consultants will cost a person close to $300 or more an hour.

Does the client need to be suspicious of anything?

Yes, and here are a few now.

1) SEO is changing daily. There is no way a “guarantee” can be made.

2) Some claim they can give the clients the best results by “fixing” the system. That is not going to work. Plus, it will hurt the client later.

3) SEO is more about quality rather than a low price. SEO with a price tag of less than $750 cannot be trusted. They offer shady services.

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