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What to Look for in a Power Strip

Thanks to extension cords and power strips, now you don’t have to choose between charging your mobile phone or laptop at the same time. Earlier without power strips, it was difficult to choose whether to charge your smartphone or use the outlet for connecting your TV or lamp. This problem is faced by almost every person because we all use numerous electronics that need a power source for working.

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Today’s generation can’t imagine a single day without using gadgets and electronics. Our home and office are packed with electronics- all of which are so much a part of our lives. There are microwaves, DVD players, gaming consoles, a sewing machine, and several other appliances. In addition to these appliances, there are mobile and laptop chargers of all the family members and all these gadgets and devices need to connect to the power socket. The problem arises when you have just one or two wall outlets that are not sufficient for all your devices.

What if you and your wife both want to use the same outlet near your bed for charging mobile phones? In such a problematic situation, the only hope is a power strip. With a power strip, it is possible to plug multiple electronics into the same power source.

A power strip solves the problem of plugging multiple devices at a time but not all strips are the same. And if you buy a wrong device, it may lead to serious fire hazards and high energy consumption. Selecting the right device can be intimidating but with the help of the following tips, you can easily pick the right power strip.

Go for Maximum Amp Rating

The amp rating of the strip determines the amount of electrical current you can draw through it. In simple terms, the number of electronic devices you can plug in your power strip depends on the amp rating. When shopping for power strips, you’ll mostly find 15A rating which is safe for using multiple devices. Basically, when checking the amp rating, higher rating simply means a higher amount of electrical current can be safely drawn. While using the device, keep in mind that your total power draw should never exceed the maximum amp rating of your power strip.

Number of Outlets You Need

Depending on your requirements, you need to pick a power strip that has a sufficient number of outlets. Typically, there are 3-12 outlets in power strip and choosing the number of outlets depends on your personal needs. However, it is best to go for more number of outlets because it is a better option than plugging an additional strip into an existing one. But remember having more outlets doesn’t mean to exceed the maximum amp rating of the strip.

Length and Configuration

Another important consideration is how far you want the power strip to reach. This means you should consider the length, configuration, and type of the different power strips. You should look for a longer cord if you intend to place the power strip a few feet further from your wall outlet. Also, depending on whether you want to hide it behind a desk or place on the floor, you need to choose between standard, front-facing, rear-facing, side-facing, and end-mounted outlets.


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