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What Is A Disinformation Agent?

A desirable query, eh? Especially in this day and age with revelations of conspiracies (a few say theories) galore zapping across our online world faster than the wink of a watch, but are they actual or are they fake? Is it a fake flag occasion, or is it an authentic incident? Is it a natural disaster or a human-made atrocity? Was Wikileaks an inner job created intentionally to present the Powers That Be the excuse to censor the net? Is it a black op? Is there, in reality, a: “War Against Terror,” or are the actual terrorists our own governments using the phony ‘struggle on terror’ as an excuse to dispose of our freedoms? Is ‘Climate Change’ a fact, a tax bracket, and/or climate-controlled using HAARP technology? Is carbon a chance to the planet? Why are they poisoning our food? Who is telling lies, and who is telling The Truth? Is Islam the real enemy? Is Al-Qaeda a CIA assemble, for, in Arabic, it means “Data Base”? Why are so many Middle Eastern governments being over-thrown and with the aid of whom? So many questions, however who’s answering them Truthfully? More importantly, who’s telling us 1/2-truths, for this, in fact, is the principal factor of my article? A vintage Canaanite Jew is saying that says: “A half of reality is an entire lie.”

What Is A Disinformation Agent? 1

Now, how apt is that for our hello-tech 21st century age stuffed full of statistics overload with news media facts hype, MSM pig’s swill, and propaganda and/or psyops (psychological warfare) that we are bombarded with always each day? How many outright lies are we informed of? How many half-truths are we told? How tons fact is withheld from us in mainstream ‘news’ pronounces and newspaper articles? Winning hearts and minds, the slimy politician’s parrot, however, what does that virtually suggest? In a way, we will spiel our lies, our BS sound bites, and our psy-ops to you, repetitively, till you consider us; that’s what it means. As an aid to what I am announcing, I will quote what this famous gentleman once said: “Only consistent repetition will subsequently achieve imprinting a concept at the reminiscence of the gang.” – Adolf Hitler.

So who controls those media ‘news’ networks? We need to know who these people are. Each one primary media/newsgroup is in the hands of the handiest five all practical media oligarchs, right all the way down to manipulating your nearby newspapers? This domination is overall and complete. Each person who considers it a fantastic thing or insignificant should either be certainly one of them on their payroll or be absolutely deluded (cognitively dissonant). These equal 5 oligarchs managed agencies very own Hollywood and Television or Tel-a-lie-vision and the primary information channels – for this reason, I no longer watch it. In reality, there may be no impartial free news media or press – it died a few years in the past with a phenomenon known nowadays as Embedded Journalism. This phenomenon commenced, in earnest, in WW2. By the 1990’s it changed into so consolidated that reporters might attend press meetings and could handiest be allowed to keep to wait for these press meetings as long as they revealed the legit government (spew or pig’s swill) line or story. Anyone deviating far from that reliable line would then be barred from attending any extra of those direct political assets or meetings.

Now, dear humans, something way we reduce this is political censorship, gross manipulation of the information, or a case of: “You hacks print what we let you know, or there might be no greater press conferences for you.” With this approach, we have ended up with lap canine journalism. I ought to call them journalistic whores or presstitutes, but that could be an insult to whores, for they may be greater honorable. Moreover, what we want to take on board right here completely is that there is now not any investigative journalism, of any type, nor any reporters searching out The Truth which, in turn, approach politicians can relaxation smooth understanding that no person is going to disrupt their dissolute profession paths or rock their corrupt, perverted life and/or threaten their ‘brown envelope’ financial gravy train(s).

Now, why or how, in this modern technological age, with all its fantastical hello-tech way of communicating facts, could there be a famine of information regarding wars, i.E. With their being rumored and not absolutely recognized about and pronounced in the element? Easy, all the brown nostril newshounds might be acquiring their ‘news’ on the White House and Westminster, in preference to on the ground or at the front line wherein actual newshounds could and did used to function.

OK, that’s enough of these wretched humans or those inside the order of Judas Iscariot with their silver, for I am no longer going to waste any greater of my time on exposing their handiwork. Their manipulative lies and attempts at deceit are simple sufficient for all to look until, of course, you’re one of the individuals who can’t see or, worse, doesn’t want to look. This is a cognitive dissonant circumstance that only The Godhead can really cure. No, the people I am inquisitive about are the very folks that pose as folks that expose all of the conspiracies and yet are just as full of disinformation nonsense as the journo whores inside the pay of the media moguls. These human beings are otherwise referred to as gatekeepers or coadjutors.

Before I press on, I need to ask those very pertinent questions and raise those important issues because 2,000 years ago, in the evaluation of all our corrupt twenty-first-century information hype Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) said these profound words. He said them twice to the forefathers of those that now manage all our media – The Canaanite Jew (non-Jew) Pharisees (Pharaoh sees):

So here’s another query: If understanding The Truth units us loose, and it does, and in direct opposition to that, we’ve instructed not anything but lies and half-truths, day by day, which a lot of us consider being true, we have to, therefore, be residing in a surreal international this is the opposite of being loose, i.E. Slavery. The factor is, how many of you would be prepared to confess which you are a person’s slave? Not many, I guess. Not simplest that, but that through your very own ignorance you have got voted yourself into this feudal serfdom, voluntarily. Do you find that a shocking scenario to contemplate? I would not be surprised if you did, for I used to be the same, and I actually have close family participants who refuse to consider it as properly. They name me a conspiracy principle nutter. Who cares if my reply to that, due to the fact ultimately, they may be going to get a very rude awakening? The most effective problem I can have is resisting the temptation of wearing “I informed you so” T-shirts – the handiest jesting.

However, what of these gatekeeper disinformation marketers, and how can we identify them? Easy, if they’re one-dimensional of their outpourings, you realize they’re disinformation marketers. As I have stated some other place here on Ezine Articles The Synagogue of Satan, as referred to with the aid of Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) in Revelation 2 & three, regulations the world and the Synagogue of Satan are made from all effective organizations of human beings – The Canaanite Jews or non-Jews via their octopus manipulate of the media, politics, the judiciary and the fraudulent banking gadget on one side, and The Vatican (Vatican) in Rome with its Jesuit Order, the so-called Society of Jesus, who operate secretly behind the curtain through The Knights Templar. These two groups control the complete international, and they’re represented with the aid of the feet and its toes of King Nebuchadnezzar’s photo in Daniel 2:

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