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Snowboarding and Twitter

By now, you have probably heard of Twitter, a social media application that lets you overview updates from hundreds or maybe hundreds instantly; at the opposite cease of the cord, masses or even lots can right away view your updates as well. Those who’re already on Twitter, and get caught tweeting, are met with certainly one of two mindsets: “What is Twitter?” or “I hate Twitter.” The haters have a fantastic reason to hate since it’s clean to anticipate from a steady onslaught of net marketers that there may be not anything extra to Twitter than a group of con-artists trying to sucker people.

Believe it or no longer, Twitter is an incredibly effective tool. It is a social extension that opens doorways to friendships and possibilities, and it can provide those in an exceedingly passive manner. Snowboarders can reap sizeable blessings using becoming a member of Twitter. If you have not started an account already, then optimistically, you may reconsider after reading this. However, if you do have a Twitter account, by no means were you given the round to creating the issue “paintings”; maybe this newsletter can assist factor you inside the proper direction…

Snowboarding and Twitter

Interact at once with groups

Once you had to keep up with magazines or be heavily involved in the enterprise to live up to date. With the internet, matters became less difficult whilst magazines, non-public suites, and organization blogs began bringing us statistics nearly right away. Now Twitter brings matters one step also and quicker by permitting companies to interact without delay. No greater rumors or fuzzy press releases; with Twitter, snowboard corporations can announce product launches, crew updates, tech updates, factory movies, and extra instantly! Follow your favorite agencies or comply with every enterprise and you may get the internal scoop on all the modern and finest in the enterprise.

It’s extra than simply letting the corporation feed you statistics; your Twitter account is your one-to-one connection with agencies. Didn’t like how a product labored? Have a suggestion for upgrades? Use Twitter to send direct messages and come to be extra than only a client. Are you partial to loose gear? In the past month, my Twitter account has seen at least twenty product giveaways. From Q+As to treasure hunts, that is a great manner to score an extra pair of gloves, goggles, boots, outerwear, bindings, or even a new snowboard.

Snow reports, lodging, and skip discounts immediately.

All of your nearby motels are likely on Twitter. It’s October; this means that anyone is speculating on hotel interest and predicting opening days. Remember that announcing, “A watched pot never boils”? Why now not simply allow your inns to tell you what they may be up to immediately? Resorts also use Twitter to provide unique discounts and promotions on something from lodging to lift tickets to season passes. We cannot all personal luxury condos at Vail, and on occasion, leases and lodges seem like they fee nearly as an awful lot. This is a high-quality manner to find the money for that snowboarding trip you canceled because you couldn’t come up with the money for it.

Make pals together with your airlines.

Since most of the sectors are not snow-capped mountains, many of us should journey to locations together with a few turns. Transportation may be a big expense, particularly with our airline’s new bag rules (which could tackle over $100 to bring your snowboard tools with you). Most of the major airways are on Twitter, and you could bet the majority of their tweets are on new flights, discounts, and different promotions. Just flying for your vacation spot may not necessarily get you to a resort. Car condominium organizations are also on Twitter, and much like the airlines, here is any other danger to keep touch cash in your next snowboard vacation.

Expand your horizons

Maybe one in every of the larger reasons human beings do not stay the dream of following the snow is that they’re rather clueless about where to start. Do you need schooling? What positions are there inside the snowboard enterprise? How do you cross approximately shifting to a resort town? Resorts have taken to Twitter as a means to have interaction ability employees immediately. Some resorts like A-Basin, @ WorkattheBasin, have accounts committed to human sources. Let those businesses carry the opportunities directly to you and have a platform to request greater statistics. You don’t just work at an inn, although. Occasionally you may come upon a tweet out of your favored snowboard agency that they are immediately hiring. Twitter gives an excellent extra danger to interrupt the enterprise and make cash doing something you like.

Never journey on my own once more.

You’d be amazed what number of snowboarders are on Twitter. Search for neighborhood riders and locate new buddies to shred with; meet filmers, photographers, and different at the back of-the-scenes enterprise kinds, or you can even comply with some seasoned snowboarders.

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