Myths About Computer Repair and IT People

7 Computer Repair Myths

I’ve been in the computer restore commercial enterprise for a while now. There appear to be some myths that many human beings consider approximately laptop repair, laptop restores agencies and different associated subjects. Here we’re going to dispel the one’s myths. Unless you’re a computer repair guru or techie yourself, probabilities are you can have been the victim of 1 or extra of the subsequent PC and computer restore myths sooner or later. Read on to find out what those commonplace laptop related myths are, see in case you’ve been duped, and sooner or later get the truth about pc service and restore.

Myths About Computer Repair and IT People 1

1) My pc man is aware of the whole lot approximately every software obtainable.

Expect your laptop repairman to recognize all of the info of each application you have got mounted on your PC? Perhaps you count on an excessive amount of.

There are such a lot of applications around, and they are constantly converting. It would take greater than a lifetime to examine them all. While a given laptop repair tech can also realize commonplace packages (i.E. Word, Quick Books, and many others), they will not know what about programs precise in your enterprise or other packages that aren’t as common.

2) The computer restore man or woman can fix some problems I’m having with a website(s)

Another all-to-common pc related fable.

Your laptop tech cannot normally “fix” problems with websites (together with Facebook) because the internet site itself is in reality on a server that is another pc constructed to run internet pages and percentage content placed someplace else. Only the folks who administer the internet site can get rntry to the files and the pc that hosts the website (the equal rule above also applies: nobody is aware of everything about each website; plus, they arrive and pass). He or she can be in a position to inform you why you’re having problems with it or maybe tweak the settings for your laptop to accurate some small troubles. However, this is normally constrained in what it can accomplish, and any actual troubles with a website have to be handled by way of the folks who own and operate it.

3) My teenager or my neighbor’s/friend’s/coworker’s teen/young-individual can fix it.

Kudos to the older generations for giving a high-quality credit score to the younger humans for something. Too horrific that that is not anything greater than an error in reasoning. TSomepretty pc savvy kids round tan write programs, troubleshoot hardware, and apprehend computer structure. But maximum young peoples’ awareness is in the form of the usage of the net, specific programs, and the usage of the laptop in widespread (that is maximum possibly because of the fact that they grew up with PCs).

People like this are dubbed “electricity customers.” Being an electricity person does not always allow one to hassle-shoot, deploy, and configure hardware and software programs well, mainly on complicated networks and servers. Computer repair calls were made to me because the proprietor of the PC let his teen or twenty-something have a crack at solving it first, consequently making the trouble worse.

4) I want to be a computer technician, engineer, or computer scientist to fix my very own pc.

This jogged my memory when I locked my keys in my automobile (with the wireless key fob of a path). I referred to as a locksmith questioning he changed into going to drag a few James Bond fashion movements and choose the lock or something equally fascinating. He caught an air bladder between the door and car, pumped it up to pry the door open a bit, then caught a metallic rod between the door and car, so he ought to hit the free up button granting me get entry to the car. Something I predicted to require special capabilities or be difficult grew to become out to be something I should do in my sleep with one hand tied behind my back.

So it’s miles with many laptop upkeep – you should realize how to do it.

Maybe your 18 yr vintage is not quite the pc whiz you idea he becomes. This does not suggest you need to kick out $250 for that repair quite yet. Fixing many computer problems is like taking walks on a decent rope: you don’t must be a genius; you should recognize how to do it. Many repairs are smooth and require little or no technical know-how. That’s what this new site is right here to show you.

5) I’d know if my laptop becomes infected with viruses, spyware, or other malware.

Sometimes you’ll, however, now, not all malware is so overt. Often, malicious software is designed to run quietly in the historical past so it is able to log the keys you press, the websites you visit and attempt to thieve information and passwords, sending them returned to whomever. Other pc viruses can turn your computer into a spamming gadget without your expertise. If this happens, you may get a letter from your Internet provider issuer explaining why they disconnected your gadget from the Internet. I’ve seen this happen.

6) I can buy a new pc for $350, so I’m going to pitch the vintage laptop in preference to fix it.

Computers that promote for less than $500 are very low-end, affordably made machines. They are geared up with low-grade processors; modest quantities of RAM; small, gradual difficult drives; and are affordably made. Buy one, and you will soon wish you hadn’t. An older (five yrs or much less) computer can frequently be repaired and/or upgraded for an incredibly cheap fee. If you do it yourself, then the best price is the software program or hardware you purchase. Then you get another four years out of it.

Remember the Golden rule of purchasing–YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
And sure, it’s true, even for computers.

7) Tablets are sooooo cool and powerful; I suppose I’ll use the sort of and pitch my laptop or laptop PC.

Tablets can be cool, fun, or even relatively powerful.

But they may be not supposed to be upgraded (ever attempt to change the battery on your iPod?), nor are they normally reasonably-priced. Most drugs can simplest run one software at a time. The ones that may run multiple applications at a time can run – it really is it.

Compare this to a laptop or even computer PC

Many enhancements are viable: including reminiscence, bigger hard power, higher video, sound, etc. Can run many applications right away. Much easier to restore If a tablet breaks, you commonly throw it out or ship it in for restore. Forget about adding memory or a larger difficult pressure; or even changing the battery while it dies (and it will). Get prepared to spend $four hundred-$900 each couple of years.

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