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Five Reasons the Apple Search Engine Could Happen Sooner or Later

Around nine months in the past, Facebook officially added it’s new social seek engine to the public. With that announcement, now four tech juggernauts already have their very own engines like google. Google with its broadly-popular “Google,” Microsoft with “Bing,” Yahoo with “Yahoo!” and last but no longer least, Facebook with its newly-introduced “Graph Search.”

Apple Search Engine

But what approximately Apple, the organization that inside the economic yr of 2012 made extra earnings than even Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook blended? Does this Cupertino-based totally tech large have any plan to observe Facebook’s footsteps to release its personal seek engine in the close to future?

How the Rumors Started?

Actually, the rumors about Apple’s search engine have ended up vintage information in the tech world. As a be counted of truth, many famous tech news portals from TechCrunch, Mashable, and other websites, such as analyst Gene Munster believed that Apple’s personal search engine turned into making and could update Google Search on iOS. Meanwhile, the writers at Forbes had also been definitely vocal regarding this trouble. The sign of Apple disposing of Google Search from iOS became recognized publicly. Simultaneously, Apple decided to deprive Google Maps on iOS 6 and replace it with its homemade Apple Maps, which lamentably then became a large flop for Apple.

Although Google Maps then made it back once more on iOS 6 in the form of an app on iTunes, many humans believed that this could be the first signal that Apple Search is heading to iOS whenever soon. Unfortunately, we by no means heard about Apple’s seek engine ever due to the fact. But the rumors were raised once more from the useless whilst Apple reportedly hired Bill Stasior, an Amazon’s government who had years of experience in seek engine globally. He became assigned via Apple to handle the improvement of SIRI. And at the start of these 12 months, we also noticed Facebook introduce its ultra-modern Graph Search to the world (of Facebook).

So the question is, with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook having their very own engines like Google, will Apple end up the following tech large to join those BIG FOUR inside the search engine industry? What factors a good way to make Apple assured to construct its own search engine for iOS users?

1. Apple Could Have a Long Term Profit Machine

Okay, to begin with, by freeing its own search engine, Apple can finally have complete manage over its search engine’s traffic. The most important, the marketing dollars, no longer Google anymore. So absolute confidence that Apple will benefit from the incoming site visitors throughout the iOS atmosphere can be channeled through Apple to its advertising partners or other departments that for positive will “print” more money for Apple.

Apple Search Engine

And this means, within the long-term destiny, Apple will eventually have a much greater promising income machine than just promoting products or iTunes contents, just like what Google already has nowadays on its seek engine.

2. SIRI = Apple’s Secret Weapon

Let’s not forget about SIRI, Apple’s maximum depended on personal assistant on iOS. SIRI made its first debut on iOS round 2 years ago. In that long time-frame, this smart expertise navigator has been accumulating loads of users’ voice-looking information thru iOS gadgets from all around the globe. SIRI may make appearance inferior in its first debut; however, if Apple ought to improve this option an awful lot even also, particularly on account that SIRI has been taken over through Bill Stasior, then it would not be so sudden if, in the future, SIRI might be one of the maximum powerful weapons that Apple could use to acquire greater users’ statistics to enhance its search engine inside the future, similar to what Google has been doing in the past few years.

3. Growing iOS Ecosystem = The Home for the Apple Search Engine

The other factor to probably deliver greater guts for Apple to eliminate Google Search from iOS is the fact that Apple has been promoting superb amounts of iOS gadgets since the first iPhone turned into brought to this world 6 years ago. Up till now, Apple has sold extra than six hundred million devices of iOS gadgets inside the whole globe. And the range should also be a lot larger if combined with the more recent iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, plus different Apple merchandise. Well, it’s loads, proper? It’s just like the populace of 1 big united states of America.

4. Apple Search Integrated with iTunes Contents

Can you believe that if Apple eventually launches a superbly usable seek engine which could deliver correct and speedy outcomes to the customers, plus can deeply combine the looking outcomes with the contents to be had on iTunes, like apps, books, music, films, or TV series, there may be a large danger that each one the customers in the large iOS ecosystem will begin looking Apple Search as a far extra reliable seek engine than Google?

Moreover, if Apple may want to improve its search engine to end up a good deal quicker and greater accuracy than before, it wouldn’t be so unexpected if someday, those customers could be greater secure of using Apple Search on iOS devices than Google due to the fact except they’re already comfortable with the Apple atmosphere and services; also, they have invested lots on iTunes. And if Apple can take the benefit of getting a massive iOS environment to pressure and even force all the iOS customers to use Apple Search, then slowly, however certain, the brand of Apple Search will start becoming as massive as Google – of direction simplest in Apple surroundings, no longer inside the whole world.

5. Experts Will Help Improve the Apple Search Engine

Apple can also hire many tech engineers or even geniuses who might be nicely-experienced in this search engine world to make sure that Apple Search or anything it will likely be called can deliver correct outcomes and top-notch revels the users. And that is what topics loads.

Apple Search Engine

And if Apple is concerned its search engine will be every other large failure much like Apple Maps, then Apple can rent ex-body of workers from Google or Amazon, just like what they already did recently, to help Apple repair the chaos of iOS Maps and SIRI. Given that Apple has several cash to spend from its huge fat financial institution account, it’s not going to be very tough for Apple to rent the right human beings to expand its seek engine. Even although Apple Search will no longer be as wonderful as Google (in reality), particularly in phrases of searching effects and overall performance (actually), however at the least, it is still flawlessly usable for iOS users. Furthermore, Apple Search will certainly enhance over time.

The Obstacles

This isn’t always going to be an easy adventure for Apple because Apple glaringly isn’t always a professional in this industry. When it involves a net search engine, the majority will consider “Google,” no longer Yahoo or Bing. It’s like the “iPad” brand that is insanely famous and ridiculously makes many non-tech-savvy users name all pills as iPad. Google is the result of never finishing traits for many, many years because 1997. Sof o Google has been around in this enterprise in view that like – for all time. That is something that cannot be completed overnight. And Apple knows that. Apple is not silly, proper?

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