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Reasons for Electric Motor Failures and Preventive Measures

Just like anything in this world, the electric motor also comes with a lifespan. You can only increase its durability by repairing it and maintaining it in good condition, but cannot stop it from wearing out. The lifespan of a motor generally ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 hours.

To keep the motor in its best performance state and to achieve maximum service out of it, important is to get your electric motor repaired on time.

Probing further, let us discuss the reasons for electric motor failure and tips to prevent them.

  1. Electrical Overload – The cause of the electric overload is that excessive amount of current flows within the windings of the motor. It exceeds the current tolerance capability of the motor. The over-current can be caused either by low voltage supply or excessive voltage supply or short-circuited conductors. In the case of the low voltage supply motor draws more current to maintain its torque.

Preventive Tip – By installing effective over-current protection, this situation can be prevented. It will detect the overcurrent and thus interrupt the supply.

  1. Over-heating – Almost 55% of insulating failures occur because of over-heating. A high temperature operating environment or poor power quality can lead to over-heating. Keep it in mind that with every 10oc rise in temperature of the motor, the life of insulation gets reduced by 50%.

Preventive Tip – It is crucial to keep the electric motor as cool as possible. It will help in preventing breakdowns.

  1. Low Resistance – It is one of the most common causes of motor failure. Moreover, it is very difficult to overcome this situation. Conditions such as corrosion, overheating, or physical damage lead to the degradation of insulation of the windings that in turn cause low resistance. It also leads to insufficient isolation between motor windings or conductors that can cause motor failure because of short circuits and leakages.

Preventive Tip – The insulation should be inspected on a regular basis, and signs of wear should be checked. It should be replaced on time before low resistance causes any damage.

  1. Contamination – Contamination for chemicals and dust is also among the major causes of motor failure. Dust particles can get inside the motor and can dent the bearing raceways. It can further lead to extreme vibrations and wear and limits the ability of the motor to regulate its temperature. The cooling fan also gets blocked. It thus leads to overheating, which is not at all good for the proper functioning of the electric motor.

Preventive Tip – It is very easy to prevent the electric motor from contamination. Clean your fixtures, tools, and work clean regularly. It will help to eliminate the chance of dust entering your vehicle. Also, keep your electric motors away from grinding machine as it produces contaminants in excessive amounts.


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