How To Overcome Indecisiveness

The problem with indecisiveness

We all face moments of indecisiveness in our lives. It is part of how our mind deals with having to make choices. There is nothing wrong with it. However, a chronic inability to arrive at decisions can adversely affect our personal and professional well-being.


When we are indecisive, we habitually procrastinate, refuse to move forward, and miss deadlines. We need to acknowledge it as a problem and create a plan to deal with it. When we are indecisive, it results in people losing their trust in us. Nothing can damage lives and careers more than being branded as unreliable and not worthy of trust.

If you are dealing with indecisiveness, let us look at “what is planning?” to discover the best way to overcome indecision.

1. Appreciate the values you would like to live by –

When you identify the values that you want to live by, you will know who you want to be and who you are in reality. This self-awareness will force you to take a good, hard look at yourself and begin to recognize the things in your best interest. It would be best to acknowledge that a lack of decisiveness does not always mean a lack of integrity and professional ethics. You need to begin weighing your options and align yourself with what is important to you.

2. Start Believing In Yourself –

Probe your memories, dig deep and try to illustrate, to yourself, the reasons for this lack of confidence in yourself. With the benefit of hindsight, analyze the true nature of these reasons that you ascribe to your lack of confidence. This is akin to self-therapy, but it is vital to trust your intuition and take an appropriate course of action. Realize that the events that led you to your present moment may have very little to do with life ahead. Start taking the initiative to believe in yourself and make the best of what the future has in store.

3. Accept that perfection is an illusion –

Sometimes indecisiveness stems from a belief that your decisions need to result in perfect outcomes. If that were so, then people would be leading perfect lives all the time. Ask yourself what is more critical- perfection or happiness? If you are confusing the two, you are probably losing an opportunity to move on in life. Sticking to a career you are not happy with, nor taking the initiative to switch to a job you would like to pursue, is a waste of time, energy, and emotional well-being. It would help if you learned ways to be happy with your decisions rather than being indecisive and prolonging your agony.

4. Stop living to please others –

Some of us develop this habit of being concerned about what others will think of our decisions. And as a result, we end up in situations that leave us feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Which in turn makes us indecisive, caught between what we want and what we think others want for us. A straightforward remedy is to begin choosing what a reflection of you is and your values rather than abide by what you perceive are the values of others.

5. And most importantly, learn to trust your decisions –

For every choice that we make, there are infinite other choices that we do not drive. This is a fact of life. There is absolutely no point in harboring a sense of regret and wasting time dealing with the past. The trick is to turn a new page and face your decisions squarely and stay focused on the way forward. Accept that decisions are not the issue; it is all about how you deal with your decisions. When you learn to appreciate the crucial difference between the two, you will realize how easy it is to be decisive.

Eventually, all that brings us individual and expert achievement comes down to settling on decisions. What’s more, the more you feel certain and competent, the further you’ll go.

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