Five Critical Home Improvements You Shouldn’t DIY

Buying a dream home is never enough. There has to be a certain level of maintenance and care that has to be given to keep it looking new and functional just like its first day. While a lot of home improvements may sound easy and cheap to DIY, there are certain tasks that are best left to professionals. It is because they can be costly or dangerous and you don’t possess the right skills or expertise.

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Here are five home improvements projects that you should never do yourself:

  1. Installing new light fixtures

Installation of new ceiling lights or other types of lighting fixtures seems to be an easy-peasy task. But what a lot of you may not be aware of is the risk that comes when dealing with an electrical system. People quite often forget to turn off the power while working on the lighting equipment and complain of shocks and electrocution later.

Similar is the risk when working with an electrical panel that requires more technical knowledge and a proper license to do any modifications or repairs.

  1. Replacing roof shingles

Homeowners often consider fixing of the roof leakage or replacement of the damaged shingles to be a small job. They consider it a simple home repair that doesn’t require additional help. However, a minor roof problem can cost thousands of dollars damage if not take care of on time. Besides, it can pose a risk to your life as well.

That is why it is best to have a professional roofer by your side who knows how to do the job accurately and save you from problems later down the road.

  1. Fixing or servicing an air conditioner

Unless you have a portable air-conditioner, you will need a skilled technician approved by the authority to install it in your homes or offices. Such individuals carry the license and training to handle all types of AC repairs and servicing that can deteriorate its performance over time.

Besides, they help you choose the right capacity of AC depending upon your room’s needs and also tell you an optimal location for its installation.

  1. Repairing plumbing system

Experts always warn you for touching any plumbing in your home. It might be due to safety’s sake or to protect your home’s foundation. You may take on minor repairs like changing a vanity or installing a new dishwasher if you are a little knowledgeable than average homeowners.

But do stay away from complicated jobs such as replacing toilet seat or bathtub in the basement that involves playing with the main supply line. Leave it to your plumbing specialists instead.

  1. Waterproofing

You may think you can waterproof your basement or other areas of your house by simply applying the waterproofing material. Unfortunately, the entire process is much more than that.

Waterproofing your basement or foundation can be a huge undertaking and only with a genius help you can get it done successfully.


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