Sony VAIO Z and Apple MacBook Pro Comparison

Before I begin, I must observe that the MacBook Pro changed into a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo 2008 refresh version costing £1300 whilst new, with a 4GB RAM and 7200 RPM tough drive upgrade. The VAIO Z is a custom build from the Sony Style Store; the VAIO Z V series is missing the DVD power and with normal tough pressure in preference to the quad SSD of its extra costly X collection brethren. On the pinnacle of this version, I delivered a £30 (considering extended to £50) improvement to from 2.Four GHz to two.53 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and the £50 (for the reason that increased to £70) 1920×1080 pixel screen as opposed to the standard 1600×900. This brought the smaller VAIO to £1400, a boom of £one hundred.

Apple MacBook Pro Comparison


I opted for the £50 improve to the 1920×1080 (Full HD) display on the 13.1″ VAIO Z, and whilst the gamut is really plenty better than the 15″ MacBook Pro (on par with or perhaps even slightly higher than my HP LP2475w display you notice it with to the left), the total HD resolution is simply an excessive amount of for a thirteen.1″ display. By evaluation, the two inches larger MacBook Pro handiest had a 1440×900 display, and that felt a high pixel density on time! The DPI settings in Windows 7 alleviate the trouble quite, however placing a higher DPI comes with its very own toll – incompatibility with some software, Dreamweaver CS4, to name one out. As you can see from the screenshot, for most of Dreamweaver’s interface, the DPI settings have no impact (they should make UI elements and text bigger); however, within the homes bar at the bottom, the bigger size reasons some of the options to be cut off the screen. Other programs have smaller problems, including pixellated icons and UI factors.


The 2. Fifty-three GHz Intel Core i5-520M processor within the VAIO really is a moderate enhance over the two.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo of the MacBook, but it is to be expected, two years have handed because MacBook changed into delivered out. To be sincere, it isn’t easy to compare overall performance as the MacBook turned into going for walks. Of course, Snow Leopard and the VAIO are walking Windows 7, so the working device possibly has extra power on perceived performance than the processor.

Apple MacBook Pro Comparison

Both laptops were geared up with 4GB RAM, which in no way seemed sufficient within the MacBook and seemed to be even more of a burden on Windows 7. With Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Firefox open, the gadget slows to a move slowly. The VAIO Z has a clever little switch to swap between the Intel integrated graphics (okay for internet surfing) and the onboard NVIDIA GT 330M 1GB portraits and an ‘Auto’ function that switches to the integrated graphics while on battery strength. It’s with a little trepidation that I offered another laptop with NVIDIA photos because it is their fault my MacBook died, however whatever. They’ve probably constant that trouble now. I’m now not a gaming individual, so I’ve now not given the NVIDIA chip a huge exercise, but Photoshop CS4 appears to lag on the VAIO for a few motives.

Even with nothing else open (to do away with RAM as the reason), simple stuff like scrolling around a photograph or zooming has a pretty nasty put-off. The identical moves were once buttery easy on the MacBook and aren’t almost so horrific on my computing device. Odd. Another quite big trouble is that with the pix transfer to auto, the laptop holds off switching the snapshots if something uses it that the change could strike. Sometimes this cutoff comes into a movement with no apparent motive, refusing to switch pix. On occasion, the cutoff fails to paintings, causing the computer to crash and bluescreen, or at least, pressure close something program turned into using the pix. I’m getting a bit uninterested in Photoshop crashing and losing all my work simply because I unplugged the pc, so now the transfer is quite plenty permanently set to NVIDIA simplest mode. Great idea and battery life are better while incorporating the incorporated pictures, but the OS implementation is my no way seamless.


The essential selling factor (and its purpose was so pricey compared to its competitors) of the VAIO is its weight. At a claimed 1. Three kilos in preference to the 2.6 of the MacBook, it’s tons greater nice to carry around in a bag. Slipped in a satchel, you slightly observe it is there (except you also throw in the bulk energy supply and its 3 pin lead). By contrast, carrying the MacBook round causes some quite stiff shoulders. The chicklet keyboard at the VAIO is ace – very sturdy with well-spaced and placed keys. The sense may be very just like an Apple laptop keyboard. The trackpad, however, is not. It’s a piece too small, the click buttons are too close, making your thumb cramp, and the real pointing movement – horrible. The cursor jumps around seemingly at random. Multitouch zooming thru pinch exists, but handiest in some software program (not Creative Suite) and with a very jerky motion.

It’s hard to type about the MacBook’s keyboard, and trackpad gave that they best labored intermittently after approximately 12 months (the ribbon cable wouldn’t live in its connector); however, after they worked, the trackpad changed into a pleasure. Pinching and scrolling around Photoshop documents were better than a mouse, and I ought to consider it even better in more recent MacBooks due to their large glass trackpads. The carbon fiber lid on the VAIO within reasonably sturdy, thinking about its thickness and impressively skinny, and the thick aluminum block that forms the chassis gives no flex. It’s a disgrace approximately the plastic shell underneath the aluminum block, which bureaucracy the bottom. That is a very cheap feeling compared to the whole metallic shell of the MacBook. It’s complete of holes, vents, and stickers like a cheap pc, and seems absolutely out of the area on something costing £1400. The wi-fi switch on the lowest the front is a silly addition – you bump it off each time you pass the laptop, then have to wait for it to reconnect. Why might you even need to turn off the wireless besides?

Apple MacBook Pro Comparison

I’ve got a chunk of a love-hate courting with the VAIO Z. It may be so much higher if these little niggles have been sorted, and I’m nonetheless not positive it feels really worth the £1400. I think it’d advantage greatly from 8GB RAM and an SSD, so I’ll look at it while the expenses for DDR3 come to backpedal. I’m also making plans to upgrade with Creative suite CS5 in the very near destiny, so hopefully on the way to kind many of the problems there.

I do not experience comfortable working on this sort of small display screen; I tons prefer my computing device with its gargantuan strength and lots of computer space, so I cannot help wondering if I ought to have made do with a cheaper computer. I sold the VAIO online without ever having seen one, which became likely a big mistake, however with the MacBook lifeless, I needed a pc – rapid. That failed even to work out so nicely – it took Sony nearly a month from ordering to construct the custom laptop and get it to me. At least they kept me properly informed as to the progress, and I in no way have to visit a pretentious Apple ‘Genius bar’ again.

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