Android Versus Everyone Else

This weekend, I visited a chum who has now replaced his Blackberry Playbook with Android HTC Sense pill. I took the delight to play around with the device, and with an open mind. I actually have to mention that I become literally blown away by how complete HTC Sense (Android 4.Zero) felt. It is truly tremendous. As I browsed thru the options, one aspect dawned on me, that is – it’s miles most effective a rely a depend on time earlier than we start seeing Android on Desktop PCs. Such was the natural sense.

The key query is; how are different tablet working structures (OS) going to compete with Google Android? Honestly, I assume it will be tough. Especially for Blackberry maker RIM. As RIM maintains begging for greater time to launch a reputable completed working machine for each their phone and pill devices, it seems Android is moving at light pace in viral mode. While this newsletter is based on the Tablet market, I will be the usage of phone and pill interchangeably because of the truth that the float directly into one

Android vs Blackberry

This is a no context. As tons as I cherished Blackberry gadgets, they may be now out of touch with trendy demands. As I said earlier, RIM is pushing the subsequent major revamp on their smartphones to Q2. That, in reality, doesn’t bold well for a business enterprise that is already suffering. RIM’s commercial enterprise model is the primary killer. The truth that they manipulate the fully eco-gadget of hardware and software has ended in expectation overload. Whereas, Google can without a doubt cognizance on getting Android geared up at the same time as producers exercise session how fine to offer it on their hardware. Let’s move on fast to the real challenges… IOS and Windows 8 pill.

Android vs iOS


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Today, Apple’s iPad which runs iOS is the most important opposition to Google’s Android. IOS became the benchmark when it was released however is dealing with intense competition from Android in terms of uncooked characteristic potential and customization. To in addition make subjects complex for Apple, they seem to be walking alongside the equal course as RIM’s vintage enterprise version of tightly controlling each the hardware and software program. I do not think that this can preserve up properly inside the warm pill marketplace. It might be very hard for Apple to be as progressive as Google in that department and records confirms this if we observe the effect Android has had within the smartphone area. To similarly quantify the point that I’m trying to make, Apple dropped from sixty-five% to 54% between September and December of 2011. The main beneficiary being Samsung that rose from five% to thirteen% during the identical period.

Android offers a lot of phrases of customization of device and flexible eco-gadget for consumer interaction and that makes Apple’s iPad less attractive option. While Apple attempts to entrap customers into its ecosystem, Google’s Android liberates them from being tied into one. This turned into obvious whilst my pal’s brother who bought an iPad2 due to the fact he believed that it became the simplest he ought to seamlessly use his other iOS associated files, was given HTC Sense to play with. His response? He turned into left in entire awe. I think that his response is indicative of what we are going to start seeing this 12 months. If Apple fails to fully revamp iOS on iPad3, which is due later this yr, I am expecting that could turn out to be the start of the end of the strong marketplace proportion that Apple presently enjoys. Price margin is now additionally coming under intense pressure.versus

Oh yeah, to in reality recognize the strength of innovation based totally on Android, then take a look at out the video underneath of Asus Transformer Prime. It became made last yr and further shows why Apple’s enterprise version on their hardware will not keep up in the innovation branch towards Android-based devices. There is simply manner too many of them that it makes it an unfair struggle.

Asus Transformer Prime strolling Android 3.0

Android vs Windows eight pill

So, onto Windows eight Tablet. Given the loss of media attention on Windows tablets when compared to iPad and Android-based totally opposite numbers, it’s far ironic that this Windows 8 based totally drugs would finally emerge as the handiest tablet that could be capable of competing with Android. My reason for this prediction is that, in contrast to Apple, Microsoft’s enterprise model inside the pill space is very just like Google’s. They make the running device and leave hardware producer to visit warfare with it. The translates to increasingly more options for consumers. Also, what would virtually energy Windows eight tablet is the fact that it runs a whole Windows laptop working system. Imagine that at the Asus Transformer Prime inside the video above… It could be AMAZING! Quad Core skinny Tablet that is thinner than iPad2 and runs complete Windows 8 with metro UI results. Thinking approximately it absolutely blows my thoughts.

Early developer version of Windows eight going for walks on Samsung Tablet

Also, right here’s the news flash for you… Samsung is going to be displaying off a new tablet constructed on Windows 8 in the course of this weeks Consumer Electronics Association – CES 2012. We can all expect that to be something that could compete with Asus Transformer Prime and the truth that it would run on Windows 8 would possibly even make me a client.

Reasons why Android will dominate

It is hardware agnostic – Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Acer, Dell, you name it, all have Android as their number one OS
Android is based totally on open-supply software program stack
The development cycle is high-quality in the sector. I still do not forget Android 1.X lagging badly at the back of but the transformation to what we’ve nowadays is genuinely extremely good.
The aforementioned factors are very similar to Microsoft’s Windows eight, besides for factor 2.everyone


Well, my conclusion is that RIM is quite plenty out of the market regardless of what they do later in the year with QNX software. Then you have got Apple which is going to start feeling the pinch from competition, particularly hardware opposition. I assume Apple will live on via to iPad3. But it’d be very hard to them to compete with the extent of change that would be expected of them ever so often from purchasers. No longer could a “large” iPhone reduce it that’s greater or much less what an iPad is. That would need to exchange for them to even get iPad3 to compete. Apple will subsequently be remembered for shaping the pill space similar to they did within the cellphone world, however, going forward, they will now not innovate rapid sufficient.

That leaves simplest Microsoft’s Windows eight as the main competitor to Android. This is what it is going to boil down. The most effective question is whether Microsoft would successfully market their gain as the handiest pill working gadget that is backward like-minded with old PC programs.

My final prediction is that consumers are going to start becoming the decider of who wins and my cash is on Android and Windows 8 pill due to their flexibility and raw richness.

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