A Complete Guide to Different Types of Window Shutters

Window shutters can be one of the most valuable things in your house. They not only add a decorative element to your windows and rooms but also play a major role in keeping the privacy of your home intact. They have been used by people for hundreds of years – earlier as a replacement to windows and now as ornamentation to the houses.

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Window Shutters 1

Window shutters are of great utility, especially when blocking unwanted light and noise in your home. They increase the value and appeal of every home, regardless of its style and décor. With available styles, window coverage, and materials, each of the shutters offers unique benefits.

Here are a few popular options you should know –

Panel Styles

The surface of shutters varies from one manufacturer/supplier to another. The cover is its primary aesthetic, followed by functionality. Depending upon the different surface styles, the choices you have are:

  • Louvered Shutters – are a great choice for both interiors and exteriors. They have a series of wood slats overlapping each other on the same frame, creating a detailed design.
  • Raised Panel Shutters – features box-like designs where a series of rectangular shapes stand out from the rest of the frame and quite identical to the kitchen cabinets.
  • Shaker Shutters – are similar to raised panel shutters with a slight difference in featuring a flat body.
  • Plantation Shutters – have wide louvers or angled slats fixed around a series of intervals allowing some light to move through them. They are the perfect choice for your living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Board and Batten Shutters – are the most classic and traditional form of shutters. They are made with a series of wooden boards linked together through a series of battens.

Shutter Coverage

You will find window shutters in all shapes and sizes depending upon the extent you want to cover your windows. The famous choices among people are:

  • Café Style Shutters – are inspired by European cafes and work perfectly in outdoor areas. They feature a combination of traditional plantation set up on the bottom part of the window, creating a lovely look.
  • Full Height Shutters – are an appropriate pick if you want more airflow into your house. Available in both louvered and solid shutters, they can be used for rooms as well as your study rooms.
  • Tier-on-Tier Shutters – are an excellent option for people who want part of their windows open and partly closed with shutters.

Shutter Materials

Window shutters are available in a wide range of materials, and the type of material determines the durability of the shutter. Hence choose an option that works the best for you:

  • Wood Shutters – are the most common. You can easily cut the wood in different ways. However, proper attention has to be paid for its fading or warping.
  • Engineered Wood Shutters – contains many wooden parts secured together in one simple body creating a more sturdy and robust look.
  • PVC Shutters – is admired by people for how it can handle the sun’s UV rays. However, it can be scratched easily and should be kept away from abrasive materials.

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