Why Most Blogger Fails: Myth and Facts

Every blogger that begin a weblog need to be an expert blogger, fact that writing a blog is an easy manner are wrong. Why most blog author fails before the journey ends, why the new blogger fails to performed their target. Below a number of the reason why many bloggers fails.

1 – Motivated By Money.

Myth: I can make massive earnings and cash with a weblog, just start writing something and put some ads. Just watch for the cash pour in.

Fact: If inspired through money, pass in advance for six months and yet just make a dollar days together with your ads network. The threat is positive you may surrender before your blog executed 10 months old.

Solution: Just running a blog like common, playing what you’re doing now, positioned an ardor alongside side without getting inspired with the aid of money, place only minimum ads not a large trouble. The money will slowly generate by means of itself after that.

2 – Maintaining Too Many Blog.

Myth: If the A blogger could make $10k a month with just 1 blog perhaps I could make even bigger profits than that if I write a 5 distinctive blogs. Let’s say with 5 blogs maybe I can make $20k a month.

Facts: The blogger that make $10K a month know what he’s doing and acquire it with his ardor on that weblog. If you pay attention to maintain five blogs without realizing what you are doing – you are in suicide manner. Jumping to many blogs without capacity will waste your time, cash for website hosting and your strength which you put on your first weblog.

Solution: Just pay attention preserving simply 1 niche blog which you had a passion on, attention on what you’re doing now without thinking to maintain another area of interest blog. Give some time to that weblog to be triumphant.

3 – Write Just For You Not The Readers.

Myth: I just need to put in writing about my personal existence and there are no readers need to examine my lifestyles tale.

Facts: Blogger that write for himself normally with ignored all the grammar, all the simple policies of blogging, and what different readers need. They simply write whatever they want without showing a care to different readers. When other publish a remark you don’t reply it, whilst different contact you simply ignore it. Here you are wrong because even you write about your existence other still want to study it, simply communicate with other and make the tale exciting. There is a blogger that writes approximately personal life be successful.

Solution: Communicate with the readers even you write about your personal existence. Remember this; blogging is ways method, in case you put something treasured in your put up positive other will keep on with your blog.

4 – Write for Google no longer for Readers.

Myth: I should write a niche blog just for Google given that Google will pressure the traffics and reader to me. The readers will come to the event that they attain my pages in Google.

Facts: If you write for Google, you’re absolutely wrong and placed the blog in a graveyard. When writing you placed all the attempt to make the post get ranked better in Search Engine, all of the link bait you operate, all of the ProBlogger technique you strive out however nevertheless no readers. Why this occurs? Ask yourself. Actually, Google follows readers, in case you put up writing for readers, even your blog appearance sucks, and it nevertheless can entice readers.

Solution: Successful blogger has to write for the readers due to the fact high traffics weblog understand what the readers want. Why the readers visit the weblog and what they need is your foremost goal. Must put the fee and exact content in the submit first, after that you could make it extra with Google or other so.

Five – Not Socialized

Myth: Waste time to join the socialized community like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, and different social network. If I write an excellent content there may be no need to enroll in such network.

Facts: If you do not join those social communities likely you are the simplest individual will study your own submit. Social network directories definitely will disclose your weblog to another blogger. If you write a very good post, fortuitously the opposite has a tendency to link back to your weblog.

Solution: Actively be a part of the dialogue, add different in your community and give a few go to different blog inside the community. Give your remarks in the different weblog. That the way different will observe you.

6 – Ignore Blog Update.

Myth: Just write 10 article pillar articles that may grow my traffic and readers in a month, after that I don’t have to replace my blog seeing that I already publish a first-rate pillar article.

Facts: What makes a blog and conventional website extraordinary is the blog capability to replace the content material regularly. That is why weblog gets greater site visitors exposure than a traditional internet site. If you not updated your blog often, all of the reader and subscriber that keep on with you will depart. Why must they supply a visit for your blog considering there may be no up to date, only a crap of all submit.

Solution: Just put up a publish an afternoon that enough because your readers realize which you nonetheless hold that blog with a quality post. Just write two hundred words submit likely make your blog alive.

7 – Blog About Make Money Online.

Myth: I need to blog about making cash online, I had the enjoy, I had the tools and me already signup with cool advertisements community. This is my time to blog approximately make cash online.

Facts: Blog about make cash online is the hardest subjects a brand new blogger pick out. If you are new starter blogger, do not write approximately make cash on-line unless you can prove you already make the large cash online. Prove is what hard to present to a new blogger.

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