Indispensable Firefox Extensions for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger or area of interest or associate marketer, the Firefox browser can save you time and make you cash. There are free extensions to be had that you may speedy setup that will help you do all sorts of matters that you usually want custom software. First – in case your weblog or own an internet website, you should already use the Firefox internet browser. If you are not, download and install it now and make it your default browser. It’s free, open supply, and the same extensions are available for each person regardless of the case you’re on Windows, a Mac, or Linux.


Next, download and deploy this listing of loose Firefox extensions and then comply with my descriptions of how to use them. I’ll provide you with two lists of wings, one “must-have” and the second one are “non-compulsory,” relying on your wishes and the sort of web paintings you do. Please be aware, “your mileage may additionally vary,” and the extra extensions you put in the more memory Firefox wishes to run. You can install and uninstall any of those accessories at any time by way of going to “Tools -> Add-Ons” on your Firefox browser. All of my working PC’s have 1-2GB of RAM; when you have an older system with less memory, you may pick to handiest run the important extensions that paintings high-quality for you. Oh, also, if you work in more than one vicinity or on more than one PC, you may pick out to run “Portable Apps” (Google it) on a reminiscence stick thumb pressure. All of those Firefox extensions may be discovered inside the repository at firefox.Com (simply search using call).

Five Essential Firefox Extensions for Bloggers

  • Rank Checker
  • SEOQuake
  • del.Icio.Us bookmarks
  • Google Notebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • 7 Optional (however reachable) Firefox Extensions for Bloggers
  • Firebug
  • Web Developer
  • iMacros
  • Firefox Companion for eBay
  • ScribeFire
  • FireShot
  • ColorZilla
  • Details for 5 Essential Firefox Extensions for Bloggers

Rank Checker

Usually, tracking search engine ratings to your blog requires purchasing an online provider. The different technique calls for downloading and putting in software to do the monitoring. Finally – the geniuses over at SEOBook have yet created a Firefox extension so that you can try this on your browser. It’s just simple and always just a click away from your status bar. Only provide it a URL and some keywords, and it will take a look at Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live seek in a snap. You can store all of the pre-configured searches you want and even agenda them! Thank you SEOBook, this device is a blogger’s interest entrepreneurs’ dream for fast and routinely checking their SERP ratings on a regular foundation.


SEOQuake is the ultimate search engine optimization browser upload on. It’s exceptionally configurable and has one million alternatives; however, in a nutshell, it is the ultimate device for purchasing stats and data about web websites. By default whilst you install it, you get a “SEOBar” on your internet pages when your surf the web. It’s constant on the top of the webpage (which annoys me); mine is set up to be ‘floating’ so I can circulate it across the page. You also can open and near it.

What stats are protected on the toolbar is completely configurable inside the upload-on alternatives; this situation is the default option. In order, the options, in this case, are your Google PageRank, the variety of listed pages in google, wide variety of oneway links listed in Yahoo, link density in Yahoo, indexed pages in MSN live search, Alexa rating, age of the domain, links in del.Ice.Our connection to whois, a hyperlink to supply code view, the hyperlink to custom link density document, several internal hyperlinks, and a range of external links.

This is an insane quantity of data multi-functional area, and really, very available even if you are not doing a variety of “SEO” work. It’s so reachable. I suppose each blogger should have this hooked up. If you are an affiliate or niche marketer and only now getting to know approximately the power of this plugin – you’ll in no way be without it once more. There is another option for a “SEOToolbar,” which always shows in the pinnacle of your browser (with equal stats), just like the Google toolbar. I prefer to have the floating one on the page.

But wait, “there may be extra”! SEOQuake also enhances your Google seek results! The first amendment it is made to a Google SERP is the buttons at the pinnacle of the page to “keep to record” or “append to record.” That’s proper – you could seek Google for keywords and save the search engine optimization information to a CSV record so that you can import it into a spreadsheet for evaluation. While superior customers will most effectively utilize this, the SEOQuake stats are displayed beneath every search result. Instantly get PageRank, Alexa ranking, one-way links, listed pages, and other facts on all the pages ranked in Google’s top positions! Search engine optimization Quake is just the plugin that won’t give up giving! Once you use it, you can become hooked on searching at different human beings’ stats!

Del.Icio.Us bookmarks

The del.Icio.Us firefox extension could be straightforward but time-saving. Del.Icio.Us changed into the primary popular online social bookmarking web app. It was additionally one of the first actual to apply (and many say innovator of) “tagging” to classify saved bookmarks. I clearly do not know a blogger that does not use this carrier (unfastened and now owned by Yahoo!). When you’ve got this extension established, your advantage 2 matters. One is only a click on your “Ctrl-D” for your keyboard you get a popup conversation field; just upload your tags, and it is saved to del.Icio.Us. Second, if you hit “Ctrl-B,” you get the sidebar, and you can instantly seek and discover your bookmarks. This extension makes del.Icis.Us 100 instances extra usable.

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