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What Triggers General Angelo Reyes Shortened His Life With a Single Bullet

The Philippines has been struck by using the stunning information that General Angelo Reyes has shortened his existence with a gunshot that hit his heart. Many Filipinos couldn’t consider that the latter will took his own life. Reyes has been regarded by many as a person with integrity and compassion. He also becomes tough at the popularity and dignity of anyone, and he becomes a man with peerless bravery in dealing with the demanding situations of lifestyles.

As we recalled, General Reyes has occupied numerous positions in the navy and within the authority’s offices of the Philippines because of his willingness and willpower to serve the Filipino humans. The Philippine Senate has recently performed research on the subject of the alleged corruptions that erupt inside the Philippines’ Armed Forces. Retired Lt. Col. George Ragusa, a witness, and previous finances officer of the militia, testified earlier than the senate panel and accused General Reyes to have acquired P50 million pesos as “Pabaon” (send-off) for the duration of his stint as the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Armed Forces.

On the persevering with an inquiry, Gen. Reyes was then invited as an aid character to say something approximately what he knows at the accusations that become thrown in opposition to him, and within the course of the exam, an exchanged of odious words among the aid character and the Senate panel befell. The inquiry seems a terrible struggle of painful terms that was aired live on tv. A few days after, General Angelo Reyes collectively, together with his sons and bodyguard, can pay a visit to his mom’s grave at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City on the morning of February eight, 2011. On that day, he ended his existence with a single fired bullet from his pistol.

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With this surprising demise of General Reyes, a lot of questions have been raised. What triggers the latter to devote suicide? Would the investigation for alleging corruptions may be answered the demise of the former secretary? Does the Philippine Senate’s manner of questioning an aid individual is within the ethical standard? What guarantees that the alleged corruptions in the Armed Forces can be given a becoming justice?

These are just some of the many questions and doubts that linger inside the thoughts of many Filipinos. But something is your response to the above-presented questions; best the latter know the actual purpose of why he ended his lifestyles on that very not violent day in the front of the tomb of his loved mother. He is a poet and a registered criminologist of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines. He is the writer of a poetry e-book entitled: Whisper of Life. He is a member of the Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines (PCAP). He earned two baccalaureate levels: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Criminology. He has also earned 36 educational units in Master of Public Administration. To research more approximately his hobby, please feel loose to go to his private website.

Imagine that you are out playing a leisurely hike in the forest. You come across the bend in the path, and earlier than you stand a ten-foot indignant black endure. Everything in you wants to run… But you’re frozen strong immediately. You have one million thoughts jogging via your thoughts of what’s going to happen to you. However, you can’t circulate a muscle. There is not anything you could do to help yourself escape.

Now consider that this precise scenario repeats itself numerous instances a day. You now experience what it looks like for someone who has a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The best distinction is, there may be no massive black bear coming closer to you, trying to rip you into shreds. In fact, in many approaches, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is worse. People who suffer from it have what are called “tension assaults” or “panic attacks.” Anxiety attacks normally pop out of nowhere, with no obvious motive, and without any caution. The most commonplace symptoms of a “tension attack” are dizziness, feeling faint, accelerated respiratory, pounding heart; tingling or numbing sensations in the fingers and feet; the worry of coming near doom; a disconnection with reality; or a total lack or lack of control.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a circumstance in which a person feels a severe, irrational, unprovoked, paralyzing fear…Coupled with a coming near sense of doom or dread. From the descriptions and illustrations of Generalized Anxiety Disorder given above, you would suppose it’d be easy to identify someone who had it, but that isn’t always real. People suffering from this disorder are (in maximum times) capable of appearing on the “outdoor” like the whole thing is perfectly high-quality, even as at the “internal” they sense like they’re going to explode.

Many human beings with General Anxiety Disorder can also produce other issues that they may be trying to cope with as properly, such as Depression; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Agoraphobia, or different types of Phobias. The unhappy component is the general public tormented by Generalized Anxiety Disorder (and a number of the alternative issues that every so often cross hand-in-hand as stated above) sense like they are the handiest one within the world having these internal struggles. Some even worry they are going crazy. What maximum do not realize is the situation is reasonably commonplace and full-size.

The correct information is that massive numbers of human beings who have suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder have found methods to lessen or eliminate anxiety assaults from their lives after they reached out for help.

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