Top 5 Smart Tips for Commercial Office Cleaning

Everyone wants a clean and organized workspace to create a good first impression on the clients. Moreover, people spend a substantial part of their life in offices and hence, deserve a clean place to remain productive throughout the year.

Office cleaning is not ‘once-in-a-while’ task. It has to be carried out regularly considering the level of dust pervading in the local surroundings. Also, it is not something that can be handled by a single individual; you either need a full-fledged in-house team of cleaners or assistance from professional janitorial service providers.

Create a Cleaning Plan

A virtuous organization considers its employees as its assets and takes all the necessary precautions to maintain their health and safety. Since there is always a possibility to miss out on the cleaning tasks; a good employer will always have a detailed cleaning plan in place. Everyone involved in the cleaning job will be crystal clear as to what their job responsibilities are and what type of cleaning is required from time to time.

Declutter is the Key

Generally, it is not the dust that makes an office look unclean. At times it just the unnecessary clutter and rubbish items kept on the shelves or even the basic daily use items not organized nicely. Therefore, go around your office and take a look at the things lying around. See, what needs to be arranged and what needs to be dumped. If you see piles of documents and folders, go through each one of them and dispose of what is not required. For the rest of the useful paperwork, find proper storage for them – in cabinets, wall pockets or desk trays.

Pay Attention to the Work Stations

The employees’ working areas should be squeaky clean at all times to boost up their morale and make them feel valued. Dirty workstations cause lethargy in their health as well as in their work. You need to keep the desks areas as tidy as possible if you want the efficiency of your employees unaffected. Place disinfectant gels and tissue boxes on each desk so that all germs can be kept at bay. Also, consider using the dust-repellent spray once a week to ensure you and your employees enjoys a dust-free workspace.

Manage the Trash Well

There are usually a lot of people working in office settings that may overfill the dustbins with rubbish. This becomes a potential hazard for everyone around. Hence, it becomes the duty of an employer or the manager to place a sufficient amount of garbage bins in the office and get them emptied regularly to avoid unhygienic conditions and maintain a well-organized work area.

Don’t Ignore the Bathrooms

Besides keeping your desks and office area clean, it is essential to maintain the bathrooms in the same way. Public washrooms are the filthiest and extremely unhealthy to use. That is why it is equally important to disinfect the bathrooms and fix all kinds of leakage problems (if any) to avoid making your employees sick and absent from work for long days.

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