Are non 12 Step Recovery Approaches Effective?

Treatment programs for substance abuse come in various forms. The types of therapy provided by different facilities can vary widely, thereby supporting the unique needs of many other people who have committed to recovery. Rehab centers based on a non 12 approach are the dominant variety. Most individuals who have recovered from drug abuse after undergoing therapy claim that the non 12 steps recovery program offers great support for the long run. A non 12 step rehab program works with the central belief that there are many effective recovery paths. And while a non 12 step model works for almost everyone, it does not represent the only or even the best solution for all.

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What is a non 12 step recovery approach?

A non 12 step recovery program does not force patients to teach the steps, study the “Big Book,” or follow unlimited reading materials throughout the program. In this therapy model, the patient is encouraged to maintain positive thinking and fix the causes.

A non 12 step treatment model can be described as a patient-centered, intentional, and integrative community-based approach to recovery and wellness. It is effective in terms of achieving sobriety, not to mention inner peace and happiness.

The treatment usually begins with a process of detoxification. However, this phase can vary in duration from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the mental status and substances ingested. It is facilitated by a licensed professional in a safe, monitored environment.

Immediately after detoxification, patients take part in activities such as individual therapy sessions. Holistic approaches are incorporated into the recovery program to help treat the entire being (mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally). People succeed in attaining a higher rate of positive progress and sustained sobriety.

Non 12 step rehab treatment centers do not promote the idea of a “higher power.” If you are struggling with drug addiction, selecting the right non 12 step rehab is imperative in health and wellness.

Judging the effectiveness of the non 12 step recovery approaches.

The non 12 step recovery approach’s effectiveness depends on the program in question and its needs in addiction treatment. Owing to the variety of factors involved in the program, it is difficult, if not impossible, to calculate the success rate of a 12 nonstop treatment.

Nonetheless, some scientific evidence attesting the effectiveness of the non 12 step recovery approach, which helps validate this recovery model of addiction treatment. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy, which represents a core part of recovery from substance abuse, is very beneficial to more than half of the subjects presenting clean toxicology.

All in all, there are alternatives to the traditional 12 step recovery programs. The most helpful therapy is the one that is tailored to the individual, which is done by reviewing social, medical, and mental health history. A non 12 step drug rehab treatment delivered by a team of qualified professionals can deliver good results if patients remain motivated.

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