The Case AGAINST Raw Frozen Pet Foods

For a few 25 years I actually have alerted the public to the risks of completely feeding heat processed ingredients. Companion animal feeding has stepped forward – genuinely digressed – from desk scraps and actual ingredients, the circle of relatives ought to spare to these days “one hundred % entire” processed ingredients in usually kibble shape, with a few canned and semi-moist also to be had. The foods appear to be clinical and progressed, but they’re far worse for the animals. Not most effective is nutrient cost dwindled via warmth, but a spectrum of toxins is created. Additionally, the singular feeding of processed meals has caused the spurious “a hundred% whole and balanced” claim that is both logically and scientifically improper.

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Entrepreneurs have seized upon this statistics to create a spate of raw frozen (RF) ingredients to capture a market niche and to fill the demand from purchasers wanting a raw alternative to conventional heat processed canned, semi-wet and dried puppy foods. This marketplace trend, as with most others, may begin with a few facts (raw meals is the excellent food) but receives distorted, if no longer perverted, as soon as financial opportunity enters the picture. This paper will have a look at the motive of those merchandise, their economics, and dangers. A more intelligent and healthy alternative can be proposed.


1. Weakened Pets And Highly Virulent Organisms – A uncooked kingdom and the presence of moisture in food provide the proper surroundings for the boom of pathogenic organisms. Although prey foods within the wild often putrefy and are teeming with microorganisms, carnivores inside the wild are immunologically adapted to those organisms or even enjoy the probiotic effects of a few. On the alternative hand, domestic pets consuming sterilized heat processed foods are immunologically compromised and are threatened through mutated and highly virulent pathogenic lines created by way of modern-day circumstances and antibiotic resistance. Freezing at suitable temperatures places pathogens in a state of arrest, however, does no longer get rid of them. Although all meals contain a few pathogens, until they’re sterilized (requiring excessive warmth or other measures that substantially diminish the dietary value and create pollutants), it is the load of these pathogens that need to be off subject to clients. RF meals are a capacity reservoir and vector of huge numbers of pathogens.

2. Producers With Only Kitchen Technology – Because of the minimal era required to produce RF puppy meals, essentially all and sundry no matter credentials or know-how can convey a product to the marketplace. All one needs to do is grind and mix substances in a kitchen, package and installed a freezer. There aren’t any controls over the conditions inside the kitchen, the high-quality of the components or the technique of freezing. All these elements can dramatically affect the dietary fee and pathogenic and poisonous content of the food. But being in a frozen state hides these capability risks and therefore poses a risk to both pets and the humans who manage the ingredients. John Doe could make meals underneath unknown conditions and with unknown substances, label, bundle, freeze, and supply to clients or shops without one single manipulate monitoring or impeding the procedure. Regulators may additionally eventually examine the label in the event that they manifest to see it in a store (they may in no way see it if shipped at once to purchasers) and object to some terminology or the like; however, all John desires to do is exchange the label and all might be well. The product should include every way of the element, be laced with virulent pathogens, and get hold of the aegis of regulators … and into the market, it goes.

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Three. Raw Frozen Foods Are Not “100% Complete” – Many RF meals make (or imply) the identical spurious one hundred% complete declare as warmth processed ingredients and thus carry with them the equal health dangers. Feeding any meals exclusively, not to mention a nondescript packaged meals containing who-is aware of-what from who-knows-what production surroundings, is a bad desire if health and protection are of a challenge. (See The Truth About Pet Foods by Dr. Wysong).

4. Problems Are Ignored By Producers – RF food pathogens consist of now not most effective microorganism, however fungi, viruses, and parasites. Toxins include the ones from molds (mycotoxins), microorganism and people created via oxidation. In our study of RF merchandise in the stream of commerce, no longer one manufacturer addressed these worries with any technological understanding that we may want to parent, and most did no longer even renowned the troubles doubtlessly lurking of their meals.

Five. Freezing Masks Inedibles – Raw meat and organ tissue keep using ATP (source of power) till it’s far exhausted and the tissue enters a state of rigor. Endogenous enzymatic activity inside the tissue keeps digesting the muscles (proteolysis), softening it till it turns into soft and develops the standard palatable taste. This method is retarded by means of bloodless. The freezing of nicely elderly meat provides few problems, but, any residual ATP gift in the tissue throughout freezing will agreement the muscle upon thawing ensuing in a greater unpalatable product. Mixed RF foods would conceal this problem.

6. Free Radical Problems Masked – Essential fatty acids and other fitness-enhancing lipids are essential in the food plan. Once ingredients are ground, mixed, uncovered to air, mild and seasoned-oxidants such as heme iron and different metals found in plant and animal tissue, the contained lipids are oxidized to chain response generating unfastened-radicals, causing rancidity and oxidant pollution. Freezing at accurately low temperatures slows this technique, however, does now not forestall it. The temperature in traditional freezers used for RF foods is not insurance in opposition to such oxidation. Because the frozen country masks olfactory detection of rancidity, foods that might be otherwise rejected come to be being fed on. The loose-radical pathology potential can then paintings it’s persistent degenerative ailment and immune weakening effects.

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7. Freezer Burn Indicates A More Serious Problem – Air achieving the beef floor is the reason for the freezer burns that bring about the typical grayish-brown leathery spots. Frozen water at the floor or simply beneath it sublimates (from the stable country immediately to vapor) into the air, causing moisture to be lost from the meat over time resulting in discoloration and a dry, leathery texture. Proper packaging helps hold first-class and prevent freezer burn, however the most packaging is permeable to air. The prevalence of freezer burn in RF merchandise speaks to the reality that the product is being oxidized and with that growing free radical pollutants to lay the seeds for various degenerative sicknesses.

Eight. Display Packaging Causes Free Radicals – Light, as well as air, can promote free radical production. Retail display packaging that is clear or mild permeable lets in light to catalyze the unfastened radical (disorder selling) procedure.

9. Frozen Products Are Not Inert To Degradation – In frozen storage there may be deterioration in organoleptic satisfactory – meat texture, fat turning granular and crumbly, and discoloration. Microbial enzymes additionally continue to be energetic, in particular lipases that break down fats growing their susceptibility to oxidation.

10. Frozen Foods Can Lead To Acidemia – Tissue degradation and oxidation under excessive heat freezing (above 29° F), which happens alongside the delivery chain with most RF merchandise, also results in acidification. Increasing acid consumption can make contributions to academia that lies at the base of sincerely each continual degenerative ailment plaguing current pets. (See reference below.)

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